Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas came early.....

YAY!!!!!!THANK YOU JOYCE!!!!!! I just got a package from Joyce Purnell, of EveryDaysies,my Christmas swap partner from The Humble Arts!!!
Just look at all the goodies that she sent!!!!!I had to add the wrapping, isn't it the sweetest, everything is personalized just right!
She has a wonderful story about the reindeer feed and the keys that y'all HAVE to go read about over here---> The Humble Arts
I know I should have waited to open this on Christmas day but...I couldn't!!!!
Anyway I did ask permission and Joyce said it was ok, so there!!! Thanks again Joyce, I'll think of you everytime I look at these treasures...Now where to put my new lovelies......hmmmmm


Lance said...

cool stuff! I dunno how I missed that blog award on the 15th. Sorry about that. Thanks for the award, can I still participate?

Flora said...

AHAHA!! I do that so often anymore
too, so I know whatcha mean!! And of course you can still participate!!!Just do what the award says and you're good to go!!

Kristine said...

what great gifties you got Flora!!!
thanks so much for the nice coment on My Nisse!!..Means so much coming from you!!...
Your're my idol!!!..ROFL!!!
(Big Cheesey Grin);-D

Flora said...

Girl!!! First you build me up then you cut me to the quick!!!!!!
Yes,those are great gifts, I think Joyce did a fabulous job!


Kristine said...

Hey!! I really meant it!!!
Just didn't want to sound
like a total stalker or something!

Flora said...

Kristine you are a card, but thanks a bunch!!!

~dani~ said...

Lucky Lucky Girl!! She is so sweet. Enjoy placing your new goodies in your home.

Artisan Memories said...

I see you have already been award this wonderful Uber award...however its now official that i am giving this to you too...cause its in type on my blog and you have such a wonderful blog you deserve two awards or more!!!!
So....take a look at my blog if you want...Huggies,
Laura ann

Flora said...

Yes to both! and I have found the perfect spot for them already!

Flora said...

Oh Thanks Sweetie ,I think I'll add you to the thanks credit with the first one too, ok??!!

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Hey Flora!! These swaps were soooooo much fun!!! I love your treasures.....very festive!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.....I sure do miss chattin' it up with ya!!! Have a great Thanksgiving!!!


Doreen Frost said...

OOOO Flora..everything looks wonderful..what great gifts!


Kristine said...

Hey Flora!!
I took that tarot card test thing on your blog...
I'm a Hermit!!
I wanted to be something

Susan Walker said...

Oh my goodness, Flora...what beautiful goodies Joyce sent you for our Christmas Swap. You lucky ducky! :-) Won't these be wonderful to decorate with for the holidays!!! :-)

Nancy Malay said...

I justlove the items you received-especially the banner. How fun!!!


Flora said...

Stace and Doreen!!!! I'm soo lucky aren't I , Joyce did an ecellent job!!! I've hung them up and they do look so lovely!!! Thank you for the visit, I sure miss all my friends from Harts!!!
Hey Kristine,

Flora said...

Suan and Nancy,
Thank you both for stopping by and commenting on my treasures, They are like a little bit of a reminder of upstate N.Y.,( mil has a houseful of this style of decor at Christmastime)Please excuse the
order in which I answer these comments...ok? These old eyes don't always co-operate!

Lauren said...

WHat a wonderful gift! I love it!

Flora said...

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave me a comment,BTW I love that little doggie pic!!!

Cookie said...

how adorable!!!!!

i love those banners too - Joyce does lovely work ♥

Flora said...

Cookie aren't they just!!!!
Joyce did excellent work on these!!!