Thursday, December 4, 2008


I am always pleasantly suprized at all the creative people out in blogland, Art Dolls By Nat I think you'll agree that this artist's dolls are so chock full of character, dontcha just love the curls?, she does it all by hand!!!!! she also shows how she makes them!!!Too too cute!


Kristine said...

Oh wow!!!!
Thanks for sharing about Art Dolls by Nat!...I've never seen her work before!..Such Talent!!!!!
LOVE it all!!!!

Flora said...

Aren't they cute?

vivian said...

Hi Flora, I too am always surprised and in awe of the talent out here! I love seeing what everyone is creating.. I get soo much inspiration! do you mind if I link your blog to mine?

Lance said...

Never seen her work before either, but she's clearly talented!

Flora said...

Lance, I thought they were so whimsical, it looks like she's saying " What are you lookin' at?".hahaha!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Flora said...

Vivian, I'm constantly looking for inspiration too!!! Of course you can link to mine!!!! I would be very tickled if you did!!

Nat said...

Thank you Flora for sharing my dolls with others and thanks for all the nice compliments. It is wonderful to hear and motivates me to keep on.

Flora said...

Nat I'm so glad that you came by!!!
Your dollies are too cute not to share!

Dianie said...

Flora, I just found Nat's dolls the other day, I agree, they are so full of Character. I have my eye on a particular one!

Have a great week :)


Flora said...

Like!!!!They make me smile!