Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Small Tokens of Love....

Prim and Whimsy Girls had a Valentines swap and I was partnered with Maureen White of Urban Pastures Art, I'm not ever really sure of what the swap items should be and I usually sweat it out till I'm done and it's sent and recieved...whole lotta sweating going on....But the gift has reached it's destination, so I thought I'd post it here.All handmade from my own design, embellished with new and vintage findings,acrylic painted then sealed.
It's called " A little Birdie Told Me "

Vellum, glittered cardstock, gold thread quilted-look velour fabric,

heavy fringe trim with mica flakes, gold glitter dots, glass beaded stickpin with
a handmade glittered heart.

Glazed eyes and lips, star glitter for added sparkle to eyes

Handmade paper clay Birdie, glittered cardstock collar and heart with glass bead eyes.

Here are the befores:

Hope y'all have a wonderful Valentine's Day with the ones or one you love!


Sarah Sullivan said...

Stunning hon!!!! Love all the bling!!!!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Flora! Fabulous PWGL swap! Maureen is one lucky gal! You never cease to *A*M*A*Z*E* me with your creations! I love that! Your before & after photos are really cool! Thanks for sharing your world!

Lisa :)

Flora said...

Thank you Lisa!!! I'm so glad you think so!

Flora said...

Sarah, you can never have enough bling!!!ahahaha!!!! Thank you sweetie!!

BoneyLittleFingers said...

L*O*V*E this! Thanks for sharing the wips, too. Beautiful!

{Daydreamer} said...

It turned out absolutely beautiful! I just Love it!
Heather :)

Flora said...

Karen, you are too kind, thank you for the lovely comment!!!

Flora said...

Hey Heather!!! Awww, thanks sweetie!!!

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Your creations just blow me away! What a fabulous Valentine! I hope you're feeling good and that your mom is too!



Unknown said...

Oh My! I have stumbled upon the most fantastic of places! I love your wonderful dolls and artwork! Wow! Can't wait to check out more of your magical work! Fantastic!

PEA said...

That is awesome. You work is so different and fun. Just love it.
Oh what a lucky gal she is to own one of your wonderful creations. Someday girl, someday.
Have a wonderful day. Now I must get to work.

Flora said...

Kimmie Rowan and Pea,
Y'all make it so fun for me to create!!!Thanks bunches!!!!
Kimmie thank you for asking, mom is doing so much better and is going home today.
Rowan, WELCOME and I hope you enjoy your visit!!!
Pea, who knows, we might get a swap together?

vivian said...

once again awesome flora! your partner is very lucky! You do sweat a little with swaps. But they are so much fun!
did you recieve hers yet?

Zan Asha said...

Flora!!! How do you keep doing it! That piece is TOO amazing!! :)

Flora said...

No, not yet Vivian, she said she had recieved mine, that's why I posted.But it should be here anytime?

Flora said...

OH Zan Asha !!! Thank you very much for the great comments you always leave me with!!!

Dianie said...

Hi Flora, Great swap gift! Maureen is a Lucky Gal. Your design and detail is magnificent and a sure delight to the eyes!
I'm getting my swap ready to send out!


Flora said...

Hey Diane!!! Thanks a bunch!!!I can't wait to see yours!!!It's sure to be gorgeous!!!

Lone Pierette said...

Flora , you are just so talented , wish I was the person who own this gift !
hugs, Lone

Ginny Diezel said...

Absolutely magical!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

A wonderful swap gift....that's one lucky girl!
Your work just amazes me........I didn't even know that you could put clay onto the fabric like that!!!!

Flora said...

Lone!!!!It's been a long time, I'm so glad you stopped by!!! Thank you for the lovely comment!

Flora said...

Hello Ginny!!!Thanks a bunch!!

Flora said...

Thank you Marie!!! Yes! there is so much clay can do and always soooooo fun to work with!!!

Kimmi said...

Your work is Awesome!!!!! I know that you have a tag free zone, but I wanted to let you know that I presented you an award on my blog, because I love your work so!!!


Anonymous said... your sparkle...glad to have found you!!! Bravo.... Hugs, MO

Anonymous said...

PS... I added your link to my blog because, well I just think you are divine! MO

Flora said...

Thank you very much MO!!!!I will have to add yours to mine as well because you are divine too!!!

Flora said...

Kimberly I love my award, thanks a bunch!!!

El Bolsillo de Celia said...

Hi Flora! you have a great stuff here!
My pc is broken that's why I'm missing this days, I hope to fix it up along this month or maybe next one.
I'll come back again with a lot of new stuff and a shop!

Thanks a lot for your support
See you soon
Best Regards

Flora said...

Hell Celia, and thank you for coming for a visit!!!! I hope your pc gets fixed soon, so that I can see more of your fabulous art!!

Renee said...

I am sure that she loved this. It is fantastic.

I saw on your profile that we are the same age and scarier yet, both aries. (I know what that is like ha ha).

I lost my Dad in September/08 and my Mom is here she is 82 so I value her so much. I understand the scare for your Mom.

Thank you for your best wishes.

Love Renee

Flora said...

Ahahaha!!! No it isn't easy being an Aries or!!!Many Blessings for a brighter tomorrow, Take care.

Decoracion Vintage Industrial Retro Chic said...

te felicito excelentes proyectos¡

Flora said...

Hello and welcome Pink Days Studio!!! Thank you for visiting and taking the time to leave me with a lovely comment and I hope you come back often!!!