Saturday, May 16, 2009

OCTOBOY ... here

The doodle

A beginning

Are we there yet?


A change of plans

A little more color

Hello little guy!!

I wasn't sure of what I was going to do for the doll swap that Zan Asha,
of "Wild At Heart Art", was hosting,actually it was my friend Cheryl Prater of "Praterposte" that told me about it. I signed up without a clue, but started sketching and researching undersea creatures immediately,although I didn't know exactly what I wanted to make, I did know I didn't want to make a mermaid!!! After a few sketches and doodles I came up with a little anthropomorphic creature that I call " Octoboy ". I had originally wanted only his little hands the way I drew him , but because of the nature of the clay I knew it would or could break, so I changed his fingers and added the fish.
My swap partner is the wonderfully talented Kristen Beason of Kristen Beason Designs She emailed me today and said that she had recieved her package today!!!YAY!!!
she seemed genuinely happy with my "Octoboy". He is a freestanding handmade,puresculpt of airdry clay from my own design with a foam core base.
The collar is seambinding that I handdyed myself, he has green mica through out
and red mica blushing to his face and hands,I sealed him with a spray matt acrylic.
Well I'm off to do more dollies, no rest for the wicked, weary or sleep deprived...



Primgrl1 said...

So true to your sketch. It's like it just jumped off the page and *poof* there he is! I see were the change of hand positioning came into play. Lovely sculpted hands by the way. The painted suckers on the tentacles is classic...It made me giggle. Because It was another unexpected piece of added attention to detail that you do so brilliantly. I love it! Octoboy ROCKS!!!

pixiesinthehouse said...

Octoboy is amazing!!! Love to have been your partner...!

Judy C said...

He is wonderful. You did a super job.

Marie Patterson Studio said...

I LOVE Octoboy!!!

Flora said...

Primgrl1, Stephanie, Judy and Marie!! Thanks so much for the visit and sweet comments !!!

Юлия Орлова said...

I am sorry for my bad English, but I wish to tell:))It very much was pleasant to me!He is wonderful,really

Flora said...

Welcome and Thank you so much for stopping to visit and leaving me with such a lovely comment!!!

mIzZ (hONeY) bEe aka Marlene said...

Flora...You are truly amazing and Octoboy is from the depths of the have such an ocean of imagination just blows my mine...I feel that there should be a story done - the "ADVENTURES OF OCTOBOY"...thank you for showing us your work of art! Grace & Peace 2 "U" Marlene :O)

Flora said...

Now that would be interesting to say the least!!!Since this one was a swap doll I really didn't put too much thought into a"stories" about him! But if I ever do another anthropomorphic creature I certainly will!!Thank you for the lovely comment!!

Anonymous said...

He's so adorable. I love the little octopus eyes!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, Octoboy rules..another adorable sketch brought to life by your gifted hands...Hugs, MO

Il Girasogno said...

Flora hello another fantastic creature is born from your hands as always! This little gentleman he
and a processor beautiful dress octopus! you is not wrong at the next swap and send it to my address? hihihi ^----^ I expect your email address to complete the snowman my love!hugs

Flora said...

Sugar,Mo and Laura!!!Thanks for the
visit and kind comments!!!
Laura, You are too cute!! He is already at his new home!!! BTW I just sent you an email!!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Kristen has to be thrilled Flora!!! A really lovely piece!!

Anonymous said...

Flora, you have a wonderful imagination. He turned out great! ☺

Flora said...

Thank you Laurie and Caroline!!!
I hope she does like it, She said she did?

Jdee said...

He is adorable! I love the ruff around the neck you added!

Skeleton In My Closet said...


I just love your wip-to-finish pics and watching your imagination become a solid real thing. I really do enjoy them-the finish alway manages to thrill & delight. You are still one of my very favorite artists.


Anonymous said...

Your Octo boy is just as wonderful as my imps!
Someone is going to be very happy!!!!

Flora said...

Thank You Joanna, Josie and Pattee!!!
Josie Right back atcha!!!

Unknown said...

I guess I shouldn't be surprised to find that someone else came up with an octo-person idea. That is what I was making too. LOL oh well. Yours is adorable and I love his little fishy. My wip is posted if you care to see another take on the Octo them. :o)

Unknown said...

Flora, you are able to get your sketches to clay...Pure magic you create.

Sonia ;)

Flora said...

Cindy and Sonia,
Thanks for the visit and the lovely comments, Cindy, I guess we can't always be original!!!Here I thought I was going to create something different,but then I read that octopi are the next big " Thing "...figures!!

PEA said...

what can I say but God has graced you with such a imagination and talent. That face is so adorable. I love the little details of the spots. What you do with a bit of foam is pure amazing. How that swoop at the top made his head bend over just a bit. Just love your work.
No rest for the wicked or sleep deprived here either. A black eyed pea comes to mind at the moment. You should see the circles around mine. The match my Agony's. LOL

dollproject said...

He is so wonderful. In the sketch it looks like he has Jazz hands, which I found awesome...but the fish is especially nice too :].

DellaRae said...

I love your little Octiboy. You have a wonderful imagination. Anyone would love to have him in their collection.

Flora said...

Pea,Jessica and DellaRae,
Thank you all for the wonderful comments about Octoboy!
Pea, everytime I can make something I give thanks to my lord,I know it would be horrible if one day I couldn't do it anymore!!
Jessica, I loved the way his sweet little fingers looked before the fishy, but I couldn't take the chance of them breaking off!!!
so I decided he needed a fishy wubby.
DellaRae, I know he went to a good home, so it kinda helps when I have to send them on their way!

Tamara Dozier said...

I love all your dolls and this one is a wonderfully delightful work of art!

Flora said...

WELCOME and Thank you so much Tamara!!!

Unknown said...

Ocotboy is wonderful -lucky recepient- your work -your blog is a delighful visit!

Flora said...

What a sweet thing to say!!! Many Thanks!!

twinkle teaches said...

Octoboy is amazing!!!! I love the color and all the details! You really knocked it out of the park. Love it!! :) tina

Flora said...

HEY TINA!!!, How are ya?
Thanks a bunch I'm so glad you like him!!!

Sprite said...

AH! Flora, Octoboy is incredible!!! I was going to ask if he was on his way to me but clearly he got lost! hee hee jk :) I have no doubt his new owner is thrilled. As always, awesome outstanding work.


Flora said...

AWWWW Sprite you are a sweetheart!!! Thanks a bunch for the kind words!!

William Bezek said...

Flora, Octoboy is really Wonderful and Original artwork, I shudder to think you just gave it away! I hope what you got in return was worth it.

Anonymous said...

Flora I left you an award on my blog...
no need to add people... I wasnted you to know you make a difference~

Flora said...

What a wonderful thing to say about my art!!!It is a swap and
I try to do my best with all my art!!! I'm pretty confident that my swap partner will do the same!!!
Thank you very much for being so kind!!!

Flora said...

Thank You so much for thinking of me with this lovely award!!!

Gail Lackey said...

WOW! Octoboy is utterly amazing! Too cute for words! I be the new owner is thrilled! Luv your work!
Hugs, Gail

Flora said...

Hello Gail!!! Thanks so much for commenting on him!!!
Yes I think Kristen is happy with
Octoboy, she said she loved him!!!
So I take it she does? hehehe!!!

Shirley Williams said...


I love him! He is so cute. I wonder why you are using a terracotta colored clay? Keep up the wonderful and creative work. Your blog is the first thing I check in the morning and the last at night!

Flora said...

Hello Ms. Diva!!!
I'm so flattered by your comment!!!
The only reason I used this clay was because I bought it on accident!!!
I thought I was getting the white and I didn't want to bother with returning it!!!Plus it was on sale, that's my middle name , so is Clearance!!!hehehe!!!

Rebecca said...

Wow, Flora--this little guy is amazing like all of your pieces. Hope you're having a happy spring!


Kat said...

That guy is amazing, he has so much personality! I love your work.

Flora said...

Rebecca and Kat!!!
Thank you both for taking the time to stop by and visiting with me !!
and thanks a bunch for the sweet comments!!

FishStikks said...

Flora, he turned out just absolutely amazing! I love everything about him and he's just stunning! Fantastic job!

Flora said...

Welcome and Thank you FishStikks!!!
I'm so glad you came for a visit!!!

holli said...

I love him too!

Flora said...

Hello and Welcome Paola!!!
Thanks a bunch for the comment too!!!

{Daydreamer} said...

Love him!!!

Flora said...

Hello Heather !!!! Hope you are well and thank you so much !!!