Tuesday, February 9, 2010


on a smiling...

Boo Moon

Boo Moon

You saw us scared and alone
With no direction to go
Without a light of our own...
You heard us cry out to you,
You knew just what to do...
And shined your light for us too.
Boo Moon
We're no longer scared or alone
With no direction to go
With your light as our own, we can make
our way home.

by Flora Thompson


Frostie Folk

Christmas comes but once a year
But Frostie Folk,will stay right here.
Welcoming dawn as a new day breaks
Wrapped in his coat of downy snowflakes,
Flurries abound but this we know,
He's a steadfast friend through ice and snow.

by Flora Thompson

Petite Lapine

Mon petite lapinou
Dans jaune , rose
et bleu !
by F. Thompson

Yummy Treats

it's a wrap....

Little Treats

How kind of you to think of me
with such yummy little treats.
So I'll think of you each time
I take a nibble of each sweet!!

by F. Thompson

Bunny Foo-Foos

Two Foo-Foos

It's always hard for one to choose
When you only have two Foo-Foos!
So you can take the pink, since there's only two...
And as for me , I think I'll take the blue.

by Flora Thompson

Yep! it's that time again!!!

Hurry, hurry and don't be late for the SpookyTimeJingles newest update!!
There's so much to see with a chance for a treasure that's completely free !
So walk if you can, run if you must, just get there soon or it's a bust!!!

Cause you don't ever really wanna miss it do ya? Some Wips below....

Stay tuned...


magikalseasons said...

I think your Boo Moon is one of my very all time favorites! Amazing really just pure Halloween Magic! Those Bunny Foo Foo's too! :)

Unknown said...

Adorable, love Boo Moon!

yoborobo said...

Flora - these are all just charming. I love them all!! :) xo Pam

Patty Benedict said...

Flora...they are all just wonderful!!!!!
Bugs & Hisses

Flora said...

Thanks so much ladies for all the lovely comments, they are very appreciated!!!

Sue said...

Flora these are all so amazing! Gosh, I would like to own them all..........but! those bunnies have stolen my heart! You are so creative.


sassypackrat said...

Love everything but especially the Bunny Foo-Foos!

Flora said...

Thank you so much Sue and Sassypackrat!!!

Lisa Gatz said...

Your work is amazing! I'm looking through your posts and your style is really unique!

Flora said...

Welcome and thank you, I'm so glad you like my art!!!Do come again!!!

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Hello Flora,

Everything is just precious..makes me smile!!

I hope life is treating you well. Have a lovely day and do drop by sometime. :0)

Scatter Bliss..

Unknown said...

These are fabulous, especially the boo moon!

Yve said...

Crickey, you've been bust and they are all soooo cute :o) You seem to have fast forwarded right through the year!

Jorge de Rojas said...

Hey Flora, thought I had left a comment. Anyway these are fantastic. Kept scrolling up and down your post to take them all in. Your snowmen are the best and that moon. Well let's just say I can't get the tune out of my head

Unknown said...

Your cuties never fail to amaze me, Flora. Your attention to detail and ability to capture expressions, from evil to innocence, always makes me smile. And of course, I'm a major foo foo fan. My daughter always used to sing the Little Bunny Foo Foo school when she was young. Hugs, Lisa

Georgina said...

Very very excellent!! Love them all!!


Unknown said...

OMG Flora you have me smiling from now till next Tuesday!!!

I love every single one of these pieces! Are they going to be for sale on your Spooky Times page?


Mila said...

OMG! Great job Flora:)))!!!
Mila :)

Flora said...

Thank so much to everyone for taking the time to stop in and visit and of course for the sweet comments!!!Yes Pattee they are going to be sold on the 13th this Sat at SpookyTimeJingles !!!


Sprite said...

Oh my gawd Flora they are all wonderful!!! I can't pick a favorite I love them all! Loving the new tune too ;)

Giant Hugs,

Flora said...

AWWWW Thanks a bunch Sprite!!!I thought my bloggy needed something fresh, had the tune on my MySpace

Anonymous said...

Boo Moon and Lapine are my new favs!

Flora said...

Thank you Tracy!!!

Cindi Myers said...

I am in awe!!!!!!!!

Anthropomorphica said...

Oh my goodness, you've been keeping busy, I'm in love with boo moon, roll on halloween ;)

Ayala Art said...

That moon is awesome! Everything is so cute!

Flora said...

Thanks for the sweet comments oldblackcatboo, Anthropomorphica and Martha, oh and Congratulations on your new dog, the lord has blessed her!!!!

Tracy M. said...

Wow! Your pieces just get better and better. Love everything.
Take Care,
Tracy M.

Flora said...

Thanks so much Tracy, that's so sweet!!!

Bigfootwallace said...

Boo Moon
You stole my heart with a glance
You never gave me a chance
Now I must wait in a trance
Boo Moon
You grin it catching, I know
I have my own to show
I'm too drawn in to say no

Flori-dori, you're my hero! You're also a witchy woman!
Hugs my girlfriend,

Flora said...

AHAHA!!!!You are toooooo Fabulous Dana!!!!

Kathy said...

Flora, I just love your work. Each one of these are amazing. I love the little ghosts on top of the head, and the bunnies are to cute. Love...love your work.

Lisa said...

They all make me happy! Such talent, Flora, thanks for the smile you gave me tonight.


Lisa said...

Oh, and I just love the music!


Flora said...

Kathy and Lisa, Thank you two so much!!! I'm so glad y'all enjoyed yourselves here , please do come back soon and often!!!

Оксана said...

Flora hello!
All your works are very very beautiful. I had been watching your blog a long time and you give me so much positive mood. Thank you for step by step photos yours works. I already would like try to do something with clay. What the type of material you cover a snowman or a bunny- it's give to them shine? Thank you!

Flora said...

Hello and welcome Oksana!!!
Thank so much for the lovely comments!!! I'm sure once you try
working with clay, you will love it!! I went by your blog and let you a note!!!