Friday, August 6, 2010

There's some new guys...

in town...6 to be exact!!

Light My Fire

He Glows!

By candle light he goes,
Which tickles his nose
and curls his toes!
And it's because he knows,
That in the dark ,he glows!

by Flora Thompson

2 Wynter Folk

A chill wind blows and snow just flows.
Swirling and twirling,hither and yon.
Catch it quick before it's gone!!

by Flora Thompson

2 Gourdies
The one on the right will be on a different venue

Autumn Folk

When you listen closely,
but don't you draw too near!
The sing-song little voices
you will clearly hear,
of "Autumn Folk" who celebrate
All Hallows Eve each year !

by Flora Thompson

Calabacita #3
This little guy will not be on the SpookyTimeJingles update either, he will be in the same venue with Gourdie "b"

So lets not be late for the SpookyTimeJingles newest update, They'll be things you'll adore with goodies galore and so much more, so grab your honey and don't skip a beat,cause you'll be in for such a sweet treat!!!

We'll talk later, any questions just leave me a message...


spindelmaker said...

They look great! With that twinkle in slightly sleepy eyes. Too cute!

Il Girasogno said...

i love!!!!I follow you always love your creations


Anonymous said...

Lovely dolls!!
Calabacita is soo sweet ;)

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Flora they are gorgeous and I am still laughing over the first sweet guy lighting his own head, what a cutie! You have amazing talent for capturing the mood of Autumn!
Tina xo

Flora said...

Hello my dear Laura and Welcome Tina!!! Thank you both for the lovely comments, I'm so glad y'all stopped in!!!

Flora said...

Lynne and Janne!!,
Curiouser and curiouser, I don't know what the heck is going on with blogger, I looked at my dashboard at least 4x and I did not see your comments?? Please accept my apologies, Thanks so much for the sweet comments!!!

Patty Benedict said...

You are one busy Artist!!! Alll your new pieces are great!!!!
Have a fun creative week!
Bugs & hisses

Jdee said...

Flora they are precious! You put me in the mood for the holidays! I love all your work! You are so original and you create such magic! xoxo

Ayala Art said...


Flora said...

Hello Patty and Joanna!!!I'm always so delighted by your visits!!!Thanks so much for the
wonderful comments!!!

Flora said...

Martha!!!Hello my dear!!!Again I must apologize this was not here
Thanks so much for taking the time to come over to visit with me!!!

Bonnie Jones said...

Looks as if you have been a busy little elf creating out standing pieces for your collectors..all fabulous

Flora said...

Hello Bonnie!!!! Thank you for coming over to visit with me, it's always such a pleasure to see and hear from you!!!!

Thespoena McLaughlin said...

You have soooo outdone yourself. They are all gorgeous!!!!! Love them as always.

Flora said...

Thespa!!! Hello it's been a while!!! How have you been doing?
Thanks so much for the comment and visit!!!

g.p. said...

ola Flora, gostei muito dos seus bonecos, a massa que eu uso, é biscuit, porcelana fria, eu mesmo faço, não encontrei outro lugar pra te responder, se quiser me escrever, meu email é

guilherme pires

Abi said...

Oh I absolutely love your new creations :O)

Gingermelon said...

They're all fantastic Flora, you are truely blessed with amazing talent and a wonderful eye for tiny details! Such an inspiration!

Lisa said...

Ah, now Light my fire makes perfect sense, always great Flora,
Blessings back to you,

Flora said...

g.p.,Abi Shelly and Lisa, thank you so much for all your wonderful comments!!!They are much appreciated!!!

Prim's by Kim said...

You are amazing Flora!! They are all xoxoxo

Lori Ann Corelis said...

They are all wonderful!
Makin me smile!
Lori Ann

Flora said...

Hello dear KIM and LORI!!!!
I'm so honored to have you visit!!!
Thanks so much for the wonderful comments!!!

MLBetterly said...

There's a little something something for you over on my blog, should you choose to accept it.

workerbee said...

moriah betterly mentioned you in a blogg today at i can see why she is a fan your work is wonderful. i love the primative style that you have and the whimsy in your pieces. you have found a new fan today in me. thank you

Flora said...

Hello Moriah and Workerbee!!!
I will display the banner proudly
Moriah ,thank you so much!!!
Welcome W.B.!!! Many thanks for the lovely comment, I hope to see you again soon!!!

Bigfootwallace said...

During my evening lounge went to the STJ site to take a gander at your Light my Fire Jack. What an effervescent fellow he was, especially enjoyed his helpful crow compadre, or maybe he was heading more in the way of meddlesome, with possibly a glint of hot-foot considerations in the oh-so-crow tilt of his head. Nicely done, Flora! It's fun to follow the tantalizing twists of your talented eye.


Flora said...

Hey Dana!!!
Your dialog is always so amusing!!!
I enjoy your visits and comments
more than you know ,as always thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit me in my humble abode,I'll keep the light on for ya!!!