Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Whatcha ...

Looking at???

My Art Doll Quarterly Goblin
Trick or Treat " Smell My Feet "

" Little Goblins " 
Tales are told by young and old ,of Halloweens gone by.
When witches danced upon their brooms in a cold and
moonless sky.
Little children please beware for there is magic in the air !
While merriment and pranks abound, tis the time " they "
can be found !
Doing as a goblin does, never mindful of what was, 
children once but never more.
Now little goblins at your door...
                               by Flora Thompson

" White Bearded Bandid " #2

White-Bearded Bandit

I caught him red handed, that
white-bearded bandit !
I'd waited all year for
him to appear.
And there he was, like a
thief in the night.
He caused such a ruckus
it gave me a fright.
So I made a mad dash ,
but he was way too fast
then gone in a flash.

by Flora Thompson

Mixed-Media " Halloween "

This is my nod of recognition to Iva Wilcox of " Iva's Creations" who's mixed-media art, I am very fond of, so I thought I'd give it a try ... guess what, it really isn't as easy as I thought it would be .

"Dem Bones"

Who dat be knockin' at mah doh?
Dem' Bones, Dem' Bones!
Day got me shivern' on dah flo!
Dem' Bones ,Dem' Bones!
Don't wanna stay but ah jess' cain't go!
Dem' Bones, Dem' Bones!
Please don't be knockin' no mo!

by Flora Thompson

So where ya been, it's that time again!!!You know exactly what I mean, a place where only fantastical things can be seen!! It's SpookyTimeJingles, where spooktacular reigns supreme!!

You know you're getting older when time seems to go by too seems like I just updated yesterday.... Sigh...

some befores of my goblin


Patty Benedict said...

FLORA!!!! They are all just wonderful!!!!! Have a great creative day!
BIG Bugs & Hisses

Unknown said...

Hey Flora!! Long time no see! Love the dolls, as always super super amazing work!! Love them all! Take care my friend! :) Zan

Cindi Myers said...

I always have to look at your work over and over and over again...
I just marvel at your talent!
XOXO - Cindi

Flora said...

Patty ,Zan and Cindi!!!
Hello and thank you, it's always good to hear from y'all!!!Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!!!

Anonymous said...

I love all your goblins and well Flora just everything you do I love!

You can show up on my doorstep anytime!

I am feeling so lucky ~I am going to Petaluma for the Halloween and Vine show... and I'm staying with Dani!!!
Should be a lot of fun!

I wish you could be there as well...
Much love ~Pattee

Flora said...

Awww now I'm just jealous Pattee!!!
I wish I wish, seriously it was either spend time with my dh and ds
or go to these, I could not opt out on these vacations and really wouldn't, I love love love the special times that we as a family can have together, the children grow up so soon, but one day... Have fun and think of me sweetie!!!
Much love and Blessings,Flora

ImagiMeri said...

Dearest Flora,

OMG this is amazing! I'm so glad I found you again! Thank you so very much for your encouragement (via email) and all of your sage advice, it's greatly appreciated.

Love ya'

Flora said...

Hey Meri!!!
Thanks and you are very welcomed!!!
How's that little witchie going?

Unknown said...


Girl work is so impressive. I love everything you do. Love the goblin , he is so adorable.


Unknown said...


Girl work is so impressive. I love everything you do. Love the goblin , he is so adorable.


Flora said...

Hello Sonia !!! How have you been, it's good to hear from you again!!!
HA!!!there goes that rhyming thing again, and again, Agh!!!somebody stop me, I can't help myself!!LOL!!!Thanks bunches for the visit and sweet comments!!!

Gingermelon said...

Love his little goblin toes!!

Flora said...

Hey Shelly!!! Thank so much,I like making them nasty looking!!!I'm glad you appreciate them too!!!

Leah's Art Magic said...

Cute Goblin Flora!
Your work always makes me grin,ear to ear!


Flora said...

Hello Leah and Thank You for taking the time to come visit and for the sweet comment too!!

Thespoena McLaughlin said...

Eeeeeeeek! Serious awesomeness! Love, love, love your talent!

Flora said...

Thanks bunches dear Thespa, so glad you came to visit with me!!!