Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yes it's Wumbwie speak...and he just can't wait for Hawoween er,um Halloween.
All these unsual suspects will be on the lineup for the latest update at SpookyTimeJingles at the stroke of midnight on April 13th...and you won't want to miss it!!!!


Pwain Mean
I hathe thuh waith foh Hawoween !
Wif thuh canny Appos an canny cohrn
I can almosth tathe thuh wicorwitch
an jewee beanth
But waithing foh Hawoween ith justh
Pwain mean !

by Flora Thompson

Pinecone baby


Bitter is the wind, cold is the snow
While winter winds begin to blow
The snowflakes flutter to and fro.
You can steal one away as you go
Cause no one will ever know...

by Flora Thompson

Little Bean

Little Bean

So what troubling you now my dear little Bean ?
And what kind of creature was conjured up in this dream ?
I’ve checked all around and even in between,
I know for a fact there’s nothing to be seen!
Now it’s way past your bedtime my dear little Bean
So please do take off that costume..
t’s not yet Halloween.

by Flora Thompson

Take a little time to get a little something,for little ole you at SpookyTimeJingles I don't recommend you hesitate or you could be too late and you'll just have to wait till next months SpookyTimeJingles update...bummer.;)

white as a ghost, but not for long

just a little paint make a big difference

More later, see ya!!!


Creepy Glowbugg said...

Oh Flora! What gorgeous little creatures you create! I just adore Bean!

MunirGhiasuddin said...

These Ar spooky and cute at the same. You are so talented. It must be hard work

Bella said...

these are brilliant! Little Bean reminds me so much of Tim Burton's style. I <3 Little bean :)

Flora said...

Thanks so much dear ladies for taking the time to come over and visit with me, I do so adore all the company and the kind comments too!!!At first I thought some people might be put off by my Easter Little Bean, but so far he seems to be enjoying the attention and lovely compliments, Thanks again !!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, really liking these!! Specially the little green fellow!....

Flora said...

Thank you so much WSD!!! I just visited your blog and always enjoy myself there!!!

Dollface Creatures said...

Eep! So amazing. Little Bean needs his own movie :)

Sue said...

oh my Flora, these little guys are just TOOOOOOOOOO Cute!!! One of these days, I WILL have one of my own



Flora said...

Oh Sue one day I will be in a position where I can give them all away to all my dear sweet friends!!!!Thank you for visiting me !!!

Flora said...

Hello Dollface!!! Why does that name sound so familiar are you a dollmaker too, But I digress, many thanks for the kind comment and for stopping in for a visit with me!!

Sunny Carvalho said...

Hi, Flora!! Looking through your new dolls....I Love, LOVE Little Bean!! LOL...he makes me smile! They are all spectacular. I will add you to the list on my blo. I can't wait to see what you do next!

Flora said...

Hello and welcome Sunny!!!Thank you so much for the comment and add!!!I hope to see and hear from you again very soon!!!

spindelmaker said...

These are so cute! Again. You always whip up the most amazing little creatures!

Flora said...

Hello my dear Janne!!!! It's always great to hear from you!!! Thank you muchly for dropping in to visit with me and for the sweet comment!!!