Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Am I lucky or what....

The other day my dh said " can you use a kiln" just like that ,"HUH? What size is it" I said , not realizing that this is a big deal, as we are not able to spend any kinda dough now for anything, let alone a kiln!!!???
Anywho I really wasn't sure if he was asking if I wanted him to buy one for me ? He is always getting good deals on things...But he says our church was trying to get rid of one and would I like it? HELL yeah!!!!If it's free it's for me...hahahaha!!!I'm imagining porcelain BJD's and such, oh the things I could do !!!!Gonna have to read up on how to use one, anyone know where I could get some good info, anything that is visual, cause I do better that way, dyslexia ya least that's what I tell myself anyway, more later, SEE YA!!!


yoborobo said...

Ooooh, how exciting Flora! Thinking of the trouble...I mean can get into! ;) xox Pam

Flora said...

AHAHA!!! Right? AHAHA!!! I hoping it won't be to much of a pin to learn how to use one!!!Thanks Pam!!!

Brenda said...

Congrats Flora! I have worked with ceramics as a part time hobby for 15 years now and help out at a local shop. Got rid of my large kiln but still have my Paragon teacher's kiln. Picked up a little Paragon table topper that works off of 110 a few years back at a garage sale for 40 bucks! They are both easy to use. Once you know the manufacturer, most of the info can be googled. Depending on the age of the kiln, they will work with a cone, or if it is electronic - a set timer.

Porcelain was an area that I never got into. I know one of the ladies around here did some dolls cast from molds, and it involved sand in the kiln. You might want to check out making ceramic molds and pouring multiples with slip or porcelain. I think it would be a blast! Not much into sculpting myself, so I have never looked into the particulars of mold making.

A word of caution, put the kiln in a well ventilated area. (We actually created a plastic walled room in the basement with a exhaust fan.) I did a large order of pie plates for the local bank, and the gas created rusted exposed metal parts that my hubby had stored in the basement. Yikes! And make sure you keep it on its stand and not directly on the floor. A friend of mine nearly had a fire. They need the air moving underneath them! Just thought I'd share that info incase you didn't know... ;)

You will definitely have fun...They are super easy to operate, so don't worry!

Flora said...

Hello and Welcome Brenda!!! Thank you so much for the tips!!! I am such a fraidy cat about so many things and this might scare me too much to actually use, but ya never know I might like it more than I ever realize? I will seriously try and google the necessary information soon , thanks again Brenda!!!

Edna Bridges said...

Oh will have a good time with a kiln. hehehe...another can of worms :) I taught myself to do porcelain dolls from molds in the mid 80's. I still have two kilns; one big one for firing greenware to bisque and one small one that I used for china painting porcelain dolls. I have a big sheet of fireproof thingy under my big kiln.

Flora said...

I definitely hope so EDna!!!I will make sure to get one of those fireproof thingies too!!!I had some china paints that my dh dad at one time but I never thought I would use then let alone ever get a chance to own a kiln, so I pitched them!!!SIGH!!!Anyway I'll know who I can go to to ask questions, many, many questions, Thanks so much!!!

Christel said...

wow, congrats Flora! I can't wait to see what you will come up with ! I want to create BJD SO bad..I am SLOWLY learing the mechanics of them, and did a itty bitty trial run on one..but to have a kiln, and create beautiful porcelain BJD' thrilled for you! xoxo Christel

Flora said...

Hello Christel,me either !!!ahahaha!!!I'm going to try and get to it in a timely manner but I'm not promising anything!!!I made a head for one but as usual I wasn't motivated enough and left it on the wayside!!!!Thank you so much for the words of encouragement!!!

ImagiMeri said...

Hi Flora,

Oh you lucky, lucky girl! When I first had my current home built, I had a gas line put in with a hookup outside to work with a kiln. My DH had bought me a foot powered wheel, and he wanted me to start throwin' up a storm. It was the beginning of our relationship and he just didn't realize how disabled I am, and that I'm not able to use a foot powered wheel. So it sits in the garage, brand spankin' new condition, never used, and needless to say, I never got the kiln. If you ever figure out a way to ship the wheel to your house at a minimal can have it. I'd rather it go to an accomplished artist such as yourself, than sit gathering dust in the garage. He paid almost a thousand dollars for it.....such a silly dear man. Let me know if you're interested.


Georgina said...

You lucky lady!! I have an old electric kiln still in my mother's garage because I have no place here at my house.

Ceramics was my discipline in college, so I know a bit!! I worked with low fire clays, ^04-^02....loved making funky pottery...mucho fun!! As for really good information, I used to go through "Big Ceramic store" in CA...they have a great site...Google it. I'm sure you have places there in Houston to buy clay..unlike me...had to travel to Albuquerque, NM to pick mine up for school. Armadillo clay is a good clay to work with...made here in TX...think Austin.

Anyway, the Internet is full of wonderful sites to get info. Have fun.


Flora said...

hello Meri and Georgina!!!! I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!!! Meri I will have to see what my dh says about the wheel, he used to make pottery in school and absolutey loved it, i have one piece of his work, very pretty majolica looking!!!!I will email you ok? Georgina, I have never heard of that clay but will definitely look for it, Thanks again both of you!!!