Friday, October 12, 2012

Tonights the night...

When creatures of whimsy gather one and all. Bring your folk and friends a like for the SpookyTimeJingles update as it beckons the fall!!! Skella -anthropomorphic cupcake art

Krampus framed spun cotton art
More Later , SEE YA!!!! Blessings,Flora


Rhissanna said...

Oooh! Krampus! I've been good!

Flora said...

HA!!!! You better be or watch out!!!!
Hello Rhissanna , hope you are well thank you for the comment and visit!!!

Georgina said...

Love, love, love all your work, Flora. I especially love dat Krampus...very scary, my friend...hope he doesn't find me this Halloween...will be out your part of Texas in Austin, though, taking my grandies out for the bewitching's going to be a "Meema Halloween," as my little Ry-guy told me the other night.

Have a wonderful weekend and again, love dem dolls.


Flora said...

Georgina!!! It's so good to hear from you !!! Austin is still way too far from me, but it's beautiful country, a Meema Halloween- how sweet!!
Thanks for the visit and kind comment!!!

ImagiMeri said...

Stunning work pretty lady. Very unusual the cupcake lady, but so ingenious. I'm in awe of your imagination.


Flora said...

Hello Meri!!! I appreciate your kind comments and visits always, they make my day!!!Thank you !!!

maddyrose said...

Your cupcake lady is absolutely stunning with that swirl of orange hair and adorable little face. She and Krampus are fine examples of your amazing talent. You have yet to make something I wouldn't want to own.

Flora said...

Dear MaddyRose, I'm always delighted to hear what you have to say , you always make my day!!!!Thanks you so much!!!

Unknown said...

Krampus = amazing!!!!

Hope you are keeping well :)

Cheers for now, Lori

Flora said...

Hey Lori!!!
Thanks muchly!!1 Doing good thanks bunches and you ?!!!