Sunday, January 27, 2013

Catch him while...

you can

he's the last one and since he's still a wip he can be either a Christmas or Valentine Elf , let me know if you are interested in him and what you'd prefer. More later SEE YA!!! Blessings,Flora


Sylvia Smiser said...

Awww What a sweetie! I love your elfies! They are all so darn cute! :)

Flora said...

Hello Sylvia!!!Thank you so much!!!Have a great night!!!

Lisa said...

just keeping up with ya.
You're getting a new site?
let us know where and when.

I always love your works. spun cotton? anyway,


Flora said...

Hello Lisa!!!OMGOODNESS it has been a while hasn't it, but I'm so glad to hear from you!!!! Yes I'm gonna get my own site, my dd bought one for me now if I could just get the hang of it and do something with it I'd be outta here!!!HA!!!