Monday, March 4, 2013

Lucky Me!!!!

Look at what I got in the mail today and all I did was add my name to a drawing for a giveaway at " Bird on a Spool " a blog in ITALY!!! I know I should pay more attention but all I saw was the beautiful necklace and it even has the " F " initial on it, was meant to be !!!! Thank you Fulvia!!!! Blessings,Flora


Unknown said...

Oh that is beautiful congratulations Flora xoxo

Unknown said...

Wonderful win!! It was meant to be:)

vivian said...

such a sweet little necklace! lucky you!
happy day Flora!

Flora said...

Hello Vivian!!!
Isn't it just sweet as can be, yes I truly am lucky.Thank you muchly for coming to visit with me!!!

Flora said...

Here we go again , darn blogger, I just found 2 more comment that never reached me!!!Thank you Sonia and Lori
commenting and visiting, I'm so sorry for not finding them sooner!!!