Saturday, October 12, 2013

Screwy ....

things happening over at SpookyTimeJingles lately ... kinda spoils the surprise of having an update Winnie the Pooh so famously said " oh bother " ... I also have a Christmas offering
, only that one isn't showing up ,but wait a few and things might change...?
Or it could be the shenanigans of pranksters working overtime to play tricks on unsuspecting Halloweeners / Halloweenies ? huh ?....Anywho don't you let them scare you away from the devilish delights of talented artists who painstaking create with a love for all things magical !!!
Here ya go, spun cotton creations made by me, to help you decorate Christmas and Halloween or anytime in between...

Down thru the Chimney ...
Trick or Treat

Remember to visit SpookyTimeJingles holiday site for those things that go bumpity bump in the dark of the night or just maybe make you smile and scream with delight!!! Tonight at midnight !!!
More later !!!SEE YA!!!


Anna said...

Panuje tu u Ciebie magia jaką lubię dlatego zostanę na dłużej.
Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

Flora said...

Witam Anna!!! Tak się cieszę, można korzystać z mojego bloga i tak się cieszę, że zdecydowałeś się zatrzymać i spojrzeć! Błogosławieństwa, Flora