Sunday, December 4, 2016

Spun Cotton

Slowly coming around was a figure dancing in my head
eyes need to be bigger next time.
More later, see ya !!!


BoneyLittleFingers said...

Happy to see you back on your blog! I am hoping that you are just too busy creating lots of your lovely, magical, charming spun cotton goodies and can't be updating all of us -- your fans -- with what you are doing!

Flora said...

Hello again BLF!!!It's good to create again, I'm so glad that some online friends stuck it out with me, Thank You💖

Christel said...

Hello Flora, just as sweet as ever! Love how endearing your little souls are, and you! xoxo Christel

Flora said...

Hello Christel!!! So good to hear from you too and Thank you for the lovely comment.💕