Thursday, June 15, 2017

Oh so very ...

couple more to go
Hankering for a Marshmallows now .... More Later See Ya !!!


aLilyWithThorns said...

How adorable!

Carolyn said...

Flora, these are darling little marshmallow ghosts! Now I want a marshmallow also! I'm so glad you are posting again, I just love your work. Still wishing you would teach an online class one day, Carolyn Cece

Flora said...

Thanks so much Susan and Carolyn. Also I tried doing one late last year, but timing wasn't right, anywho I learned its not so easy even on a one on one basis, Skype isn't the best medium. Blessings,.Flora

cherylbarcus said...

Do you have any more Marshmallows fellows? They Re so cute. Also was wondering how much they are?
Thank you,

Flora said...

Hello Cheryl and WELCOME !!! Thanks bunches for your interest in my Mushies, I sent you a pm on facebook <3