Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm the nip at your nose.......

FrostFairy # 2, I'm not sure about her coloring, I used a darker green than I wanted and I feel that she is too " old " looking ,I would rather have had her brighter, to bring her whimsy out? But there is something about her that says " unique ", I actually thought of just keeping her but I might put her up on SpookyTimeJingles.for the November offering.

I had to show everyone my sweetie pie granddaughter Kinsley, who is about to celebrate her first halloween and of course that means a visit to the pumpkin patch,and as all fashionable young babies do, she had to get just the right outfit for this special occasion! Isn't Kinsley the most adorable little Punkin'? My dd Chencha is having a ball with her, she's her own very special real life doll!!!! BTW Kinsley's dad, Brian is one of the best dads anyone could ever ask for.

Ain't life grand?


Ginny Diezel said...

Beautiful pictures, Flora! Your grandbaby is a darlin'!

Flora said...

She is indeed!!!..hehehe!, Thank you so much Ginny!

Jodi June said...

What BEAUTIFUL pictures Flora! OH! that precious baby!

Sweet FLora,
THANK YOU for taking to time to visit me! In this very moment, there is nothing that i would rather do then be able to wrap my arms around your shoulders and give you the warmest & biggest of hugs! You are a true angel. Thank you for ALWAYS being so encouraging and supportive and so kind. I am SO thankful for YOU!

I truly LOVE my life! It is an absolute blessed life. There are times where it is all i can do is just shake my head and wonder how in the world i got so lucky to receive so much. Each day i do my very best to live up to those blessings. I am So not perfect... and so i try and take every day to improve. I can always be a better Mom, friend & person. Ü That is why i am so thankful for each day that i am given to make those improvements.

Thank you Flora! I count myself so blessed in being the receipiant of your loving kindness. I am thankful for you.

Flora said...

Thank you for the lovely comments, and for the sweet compliments about my lil' punkin'.I can see your point about all of us needing to work harder at being better at whatever the lord has given us.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Flora! Your lil' punkin in adorable! The first trip to the punkin patch is always so memorable! Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing! Also, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I love your work! Your dolls are truly magical creations!

Creative Blessings,
Lisa :)

Flora said...

Thank you for stopping by to visit with me, and for the the great compliments!

Sharon Stevens said...

Absolutely a doll, Flora!!!

Flora said...

Thank you so musch Sharon!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy halloween!!

Flora said...

Same to you!!!