Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blogger problem?....

I have been experiencing problems with my blog, I keep getting bumped off, I was sure I had fixed that problem when I put my followers widget lower on my page!!
I've also had problems with SOME of my friends blogs too, and now mine is acting up a lot again!!!I usually just click right back on on the back button of my browser and I'm good to go, Is anyone having the same problem? It really is annoying!!

I wanted to show y'all more pic's of my " From The Sea " doll so that y'all can get
a good look at what she looks like,but couldn't and now she's at the gallery!!
I didn't get the ones with her and the fins all I have are the ones prior to me adding them to it.?? OH!! Bother!!!! Here are some pic's of her before the fins.

She really is a sweetie,

I love her little belly with it's freckles

along with her cute tiny hinie!!!!!!

This is the start of the seahorse mask.

Premier clay is so good for details and I love being able to make it do what
I want it to do, with a bit of water on hand, works like a charm! I have given her
alpaca hair eyelashes and her eyes have wells in the center that were painted then filled with a dimensional medium for depth. Mica powders give her a subtle blush throughout. her lips have an extra bit of glossy varnish for a wet look.



Unknown said...

Absolutely stunning...You are so very talented. Im having a giveaway at my site...first ever..LOL

Sonia ;)

DellaRae said...

I am having problems, too. I have never had to sign in before, but now it makes me and then won't let me sign in. It also says there are connection problems.

Anonymous said...

Oh Good Gosh she is just too darling!

Unknown said...

I love it! beautiful, original and magical!

Unknown said...

I was going to ask you to post some side view pictures of your fantastic creation because I was dying to see that belly! lol
Thanks Flora :o)

Flora said...

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments!!
DellaRae, I started having problems when I upgraded to internet 8? do you have that compatability thingy on your browser? If so click on it, it helps!! Denise, I loved the way her belly came out too, I had to share!!

Flora said...

Azul Valentina, WELCOME and Thank you so much for the kind comments!!! Please do come back!!!
Your paintings are gorgeous!!!

Sprite said...

Oh Flora, You are just determined to make me open that package aren't you! I always love the process pics, thank you for those! Fantastic piece! That is most definitely an adorable belly!!

Can't help with the blogger issue, I've been neglecting mine a little again ha ha ha


Zan Asha said...

Now Flora, I'm gonna hafta highlight this beauty, whether it's a SeaSwap item or not--just extraordinary! You might have outdone yourself on this one!

PS--not sure about computer problems..I hear Firefox browsing avoids much of this, but not sure if people are on Firefox or using internet explorer. If so, upgrade to Firefox, it's much more compatible with other programs...

Flora said...

Sprite and Zan!!! awwww you two are such sweethearts!!!Thank you both!!!
Sprite no time like the present!!!
Zan I've been after my dh to let me get firefox, but he says no!!!!??? I'll just have to keep at him!!!

LDWatkins said...

She's beautiful, Flora. You do so many wonderful sculpts. I admire your talent.

Diane Duda said...


Carolee said...

Love the new piece!

I was having the same problem, and called my computer support guy. He said for some reason, Internet Explorer decided it didn't like the blogger sites...He walked me through downloading Firefox, and no problem!

Good luck!

~ Carolee

Tracy M. said...

WOW!! She is amazing! I just love your detail.
Have a great day,
Tracy M.

Anonymous said...

You have the best imagination!!

BTW--I had a lot of problems with my blog using Explorer so I now only use Firefox for making any changes or updating. I kept Explorer for other stuff so you don't have to totally get rid of it if that will help.

Flora said...

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about my seahorse doll and also for the information on dealing with this persnickety
blog and IE.!!!!
Janny WELCOME!!!! I enjoyed your blog and loved your art dolls!!!

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Oh my, she is amazing, and her eyes are gorgeous! Love all your work!

I, too, am having blog problems! I moved my followers down the page, and still having the same trouble as you. (Sound like a lot of us are!)

Maybe blogger will fix it soon.

Thanks! Have a good week!

Flora said...

Julie, Welcome and Thank you for the kind comments!!!
I agree Blog should fix this problem soon!!!
BTW I watched your stamp making/carving video with much interest, I now want to give that a try, of course you made it look so darn easy!!!

Roberta said...

Oh Flora...
Do be careful with the Blogger thing. They completely deleted my blog because of a widget, without warning or valid reason. I had to fight like crazy for weeks to get it back. In the meantime, I've switched to a self hosted wordpress blog and am now importing my blogger blog to it.

It was disheartening to see 364 posts and a couple of years work gone. You never know how much your blog means to you until it disappears!


Ayala Art said...

I love her Flora, she's simply awesome.

Flora said...

Roberta and Martha, thanks for the visit and sweet comments!!!
Roberta, I think your new blog is wonderful!!!
Blessings, Flora

FishStikks said...

I can't believe how incredibly adorable this sweet little girl turned out!!

LOVE love love that little seahorse too!

Flora said...

Many thanks FishStikks!!!So glad you like her!!

Sarah Pogue said...

I love this little guy! Your work is wonderful!

Flora said...

Welcome and Thank you so much !!!

Catherine said...

Hi Flora,
your work is amazing and I love this sea horse doll! I am hoping to be more creative with my dolls and artists like you inspire me! blessings, Cat

Flora said...

Thanks a bunch Cat and Welcome!!!!
I love your babies!!!

Unknown said...

Your blog is so beautiful, full of amazing pieces ! An this one is particularly stunning :)

Flora said...

Laura WELCOME!!!, I'm delighted that you came to visit me, and I loved all of your creations!!Many thanks for the lovely comment,do come back!!!