Monday, August 3, 2009


The Houston Center for Contemporary Crafts was where I spent the better part of Sat. with the ladies of TAODA, my " Cone Dolls " were submitted and accepted as an art project for children and adults to make!!! Even some of the staff of the museum and our group, joined in to made their own cones!!!
Some of the crafter's faces in the pictures below have been altered for the sake of privacy, but one of the women allowed me to photograph her and her creation. All these pic's are of the first group of people that came by.

Here are 3 of TAODA members Karen Jewelon the left, Annie Foley at the back, in white, and Janet Bodin our new President on the far right.

Everyone is concentrating on their creations!!!

Doesn't she have a wonderful smile, the leopard print looked pretty good, dontcha think,she said her mom was an artist too!!



vivian said...

those cone dolls are cute! I bet you had a good time with all those girls making them! What are their heads made out of?

Unknown said...

Seems like you had a good time...and you got to share Art with all ages..Out of all of them..childhood memories were made...Being a kid again was felt...and someone went home to ake some more...or will at some time....Your touched someones memory...

Sonia ;)

Unknown said...

I wish I could of been there Flora... even if just to meet you!

Did Donna Simms come?

Your cone dolls are fabulous!

I got a bunt of "foam" and I can carve a body for anything! So you are a sculptor and and a sculptor!

Flora said...

Hello Ladies!!! It's SOOOO VERY GOOD to hear from y'all!!!
Vivian, the heads are just stamped card stock circles, 3 of them.A scallop, a plain and a stamped image. All are then glued then embellished,on the "cone".
Sonia I thought that was the best part of it, people of all ages enjoying themselves, from grandies to grandmoms , even dads and grandads and lots of memories!!!
AWWWW Pattee!!!It just takes time sweetie... No Donna wasn't there, I'm sending you and an email.ok?

Patty Benedict said...'s so great you share your art!!!!!
Have a wonderful creative week!
Bugs & hisses

Jorge de Rojas said...

how great that you get to inspire with your wonderful creativity. I love the synergy that can happen with other people. You never know where it can take you.

Flora said...

Patty and Jorge, Thanks so much for taking the time to come over , I love
hearing what everyone has to say!!!,
Jorge, my pattern will be used again at another craft venue, isn't that grand!!??, It's just a fun project!!!

Kathy said... looked like so much fun and the paper dolls are so cool.

Flora said...

Thanks a bunch, they actually are made from fabric and card stock with all sorts of embellishments!!!
I'm glad you dropped by!!!


FairiesNest said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all!

Flora said...

I certainly hope so Cynthia!!!

yoborobo said...

Wow - I would have love to have been there - those are so cute! And as a mom, I know Caity and her crew would have loved that, too. :) So nice of you to share your creativity, Flora!

Flora said...

HI Pam!!!, It would have been fun to see you and your kiddies!!! Maybe next time huh?

PEA said...

What a fun day to be had. Wish I was the mouse in your pocket for the day of fun. LOL
have a wonderful week Flora.

Flora said...

PEA!!! ,How are ya?!!
It was indeed a fun day, it definitely would have been a
wonderful to have you there too!!!

zime said...

Your art is beautiful!!

Flora said...

Please do come back !!!

Unknown said...

These are great, Flora. I think I'll mention this to my daughter - she's always looking for projects to work on with the kids. Thanks so much!!

Flora said...

Hey Lisa,
You are so Welcomed!!!

Coach Z said...

What a wonderful project!! Thank you for sharing those photos...they are precious!! Smiles

Doreen Frost said...

These are SO great Flora....:)How wonderful!


William Bezek said...

Dear Flora, you must be verrry busy because it has been verrrry quiet on your blog! I can't wait to see what wonderful things you have been creating. William

Flora said...

Thanks for stopping by and for commenting,I've been on vacation and then got sick so I'm way behind on my blogging!!
Many Blessings,