Monday, April 12, 2010

It's baaack!!!....

The SpookyTimeJingles update that is and another baby vampire!!!....

Baby Nibblet

Nibble, Nibble, Slurp and Dribble !
Who's that munching on my neck?
Nibble, Nibble, Burp and Spittle!
The Baby Nibblet I suspect!!!

by Flora Thompson

Winterbaby finally showed up just as winter is leaving...


Winter's first chill and soft flakes of snow,
a wee bit of magic and there ya go!!
A WinterBaby begins to grow.
A petulant, pouting , playful sprite,
who revels in snow with much delight!!

by Flora Thompson

SpookyTimeJingles is soon to update,it's a place where magic abounds.
So take some time so you can find a treasure that astounds.
And while your there don't forget to make the circuit rounds.



sassypackrat said...

Awww, love them both!

Flora said...

Hello Sassypackrat!!! Thanks for the sweet comment!!!

Anthropomorphica said...

What an adorable vampire!!

Flora said...

Hello and WELCOME Anthropomorphica!
Thanks a bunch for the comment too, do come back soon, I'll leave the porch light on!!:)

Cindi Myers said...

A Fabulous Artist and Poet!

Christel said...

they are just so Flora meets Tim Burton! I love your work Flora!! blessing, xoxo Christel

Flora said...

AHAHA, You're too kind !!! I think I'll keep my day job.....;)

Anonymous said...

How can you not love both of these wonderful dolls!!!

I love your nibblet!!!

vivian said...

hello Flora dear! YOu already know that youre on my idol list and that I love every single one of your creations.. (even the ones you havent made yet!) But did you know that I also lOVE your sweet and funny little poems too?
You are so creative!!

Flora said...

Hello Dear Pattee and Viv!!!
I always feel so blessed to hear from ALL my friends, and especially both of you!!!Thanks so much for coming over!!!

Barbara said...

HelloFlora!!your dolls are very special and unique!!great job!

Unknown said...

These are adorable! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a blog award. Check out my blog for details. :)

Flora said...

Thanks a bunch for the sweet comments and for visiting with me , y'all are so kind!!!
Thanks for the award Laurie!!!

Brenda LaBell said...

Flora, they are adorable as always!! Love them both!!

Have a great day!!

Flora said...

Hey Sweetie how ya doing!!!
So kind of you to come and visit me !!!! Thanks again for the comments too!!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE the vampire, mmmm anything with fangs suits me just fine :)

Flora said...

Hello Kamila!!!
Good to see you here!!! Thanks a bunch for taking the time to stop in for a visit and for leaving me such kind words!!!

Nicole said...

Flora... I have been a huge fan for what seems like forever....I just love all your little creations.I need a baby vampire to come live at my house.

Much love-Nicole

Flora said...

Hello and Welcome Nicole!!!I'm so glad to meet you, thanks so much for the sweet comments, if you are interested in owning this baby nibler, it's still up at Spookytimejingles!!!