Monday, April 26, 2010


...well the cat didn't drag him in...he's a companion to my halloween " Chucky " sculpt.

I added glass head pins and will color them shortly.

Here's Chucky!!!

More later....


Sue said...

Oh Flora....Chucky is adorable!!! What a beguiling little face. Love his kitty too. This is going to be a remarkable piece.



Flora said...

AHAHA!!! beguiling...Things aren't always what they seem Sue....But Thanks so much for the sweet comment!!!

William Bezek said...

I never realized how small all your work was until I saw you finger tips in the photo...ever think about working larger?

Anonymous said...

I love them.... and can hardly wait to see more!!!
Hugs to you Flora

Flora said...

Thank William and Sweet Pattee~~~!!!
I have intentions of making bigger sculpts but somehow they just always seem to come out tiny!!


vivian said...

I'm loving them already! cant wait to see them finished!

Cris said...

I had to click on the kitty head because I thought it was a real kitty! It is amazing, can't wait to see it finished--the whole thing! Your work is exquisite!

pinkglitterfae said...

I love him already! what a cool looking cat, can't wait to see him done :-)
he is perfect for Chucky

just me said...

oohh can't wait,the fangs-oh my! thanks for the comment, the craft hole is slowly becoming a room again!! i did take before pics but i'll see if brave enough to post!!

Brenda LaBell said...

Chuckie and his kitty are adorable, can't wait to see how you finish them!!


Flora said...

Thanks a bunch everyone, I LOVE seeing and hearing all the wonderful comments from everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

They look really nice!!

yoborobo said...

Hi Flora! You are the most amazing sculptor. I love seeing your wips. xox pam

Mila said...

Hi Flora :)
can't wait to see all finish!
Have a creative day!
Mila :)

Flora said...

He is almost done !!!yay!!!
Thanks all for stopping by to visit with me and for the wonderful comments!!!

Cindi Myers said...

Ohhhh!!! I'm so excited!!!!
I LOVE kitties especially a Wicked Cool Cat!

Flora said...

Hey Cindi!!!I hope you still like it when it's all done!!!! Thanks for stopping in to visit me!!!

blueberries in the fields said...

thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such sweet comments on mygolls.:)
i have seen your characters before and they are very original,gorgeous !

i love your name, funny, several days ago, i listed a muffinpie in my shop and her name is Flore, almost the same name. :)
nice meeting you Flora,

Flora said...

WELCOME and thank you Monique!!!
I'm so glad you came over to visit with me!!!Nice to meet you too!!
My name is an old one and it was rare to find another person, my age, with the same name when I was younger.
I've seen Flor but not Flore ,I'm sure there are a multitude of variations though!!! I hope you come by again!!

The French Bear said...

I love him, can't wait to see the finished piece, you are amazing with the way you work the clay!!! I am always so blown away by your talent!!!
Margaret B

Flora said...

WELCOME and many thanks for the lovely words Margaret!!! I enjoyed visiting your blog, I had a delightful time!!!