Saturday, July 24, 2010

Artist Spotlight

EHAG's fantasical artist Johanna Parker
interviewed me for their " Interview with an Ehag artist " and it's up now !!!
Please go on over and see what ya think ,comments are always welcomed?



Johanna Parker said...

Thank you Flora! It always helps to have such wonderful subject matter and a creative mind to talk about.... :)

Cheers to you and your whimsical art,
~ Johanna

Flora said...

The pleasure is mine Johanna, I appreciate your kindness and LOVE your art!!!

Christel said...

Hello Flora, and congrats on being in the spotlight! Not a better choice in my opinion! I clicked on the ehag name in your post, as well as the ehag button, both led me to a broken link. I hope it is just an error on my end..I did make it to the site however, and read the interview, I enjoyed learning a little about you, and always love seeing your wonderful creepy cute creations! I think my favorite is the little red devil! (I may have raised a couple...or four! ) haha again, my best to you, and your spooky little souls! xoxo Christel

Flora said...

I better go check that out Christel,
Thanks so muchfor taking the time to let me know!!!

PEA said...

Congrats Girl and I LOVE that piece with the MOon and Ghosts. I would like to suck your brain as a friend of mine recently said. LOL
Have a wonderful week.

Flora said...

AHAHAHA!!! You are funny!!!! Thanks I think? LOL!!!So glad you could come visit me Pea always a pleasure!!!