Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thank you...

With much gratitude.

To all those who joined me in prayer faithfully and spiritually.
In a time when cynicism is the norm and everything is looked upon with jaded eyes,
you all chose to rise above and just pray,I know we all benefit from prayer, especially when it is given from the heart
So thank you again,to my Christian friends for making time to do this in God's name for America.
And to my spiritual friends,your prayers along side ours will always be welcomed.

" Pray without Ceasing "



Kristine said...

Oh Flora..
It was wonderful to be in a communion
of prayer with everyone..I was sooo happy to participate thinking I only wanted to help in every way I possibly could, and it was me who received an inner peace and so much more..The blessing of wonderful friends who come together for a heartfelt cause is one of the truest blessings of this world..Heart felt Thanks to YOU for the idea and organizing it.
luv ya!! and
Abundant blessing to you!
Kristine xo

Flora said...

Kristine, I felt that same" inner
peace " and the kind comments from each individual were encouraging and so supportive. You can't help but come away that feeling. Thank you so much for being part of it too.

Pattee said...

I too felt peace ....
Thank you Flora for bringing us all together~: )


Flora said...

Pattee, couldn't have done this without inviting you!!!Thanks for participating.

b.b.flockling * Rose said...

Bless you, Flora, for your tender and bold was WONDERFUL to be in such good prayer company!! God (please continue to) bless, Rose

Flora said...

Rose, Your words lifted my spirit, thank you for your most welcomed comments.
I'm sure some of us are continuing the daily prayers,they will be added to mine. Bless you for your kind words Rose!


Lisa said...

Flora, thank you! There is power in this simple, and silent jester. I'll continue.


Abi said...

You are lovely Flora.
And thank you for such kind words about the loss of my friend. I really appreciate you.

Flora said...

Lisa thank you for the sweet comment, I feel when prayers come from the heart it can't help but do good.
Abi I hope you are feeling better ,
both you and your furbaby were blessed to have each other.