Monday, December 6, 2010

Yin and Yang...

Of Bone*Head*Studios for SpookyTimeJingles

Still here !!!! Just had to show you a couple of my " boys " more to come, see ya!!!


Lotus said...

I love the second one's expression!
Can't wait to see them finished. ; )

Flora said...

Thanks so much Lotus!!!
I just finished him and will post pictures later!!!

just me said...

oh can't wait, love seeing your work in progress and finished!! we need more!!!:) r'chelle

ImagiMeri said...

OMGosh Flora, these are are so freakin' talented. I get so inspired by you, and have to be so careful not to copy you, but your characters are so much like what's in my head. You just beat me to getting to them.....LOL

I hope your holiday's are going well, I've been busy with creating gifts for a special customer, but unfortunately they aren't sculpts, so I'm currently not playing with clay......I miss it!

Have a wonderful day.


P.S. I haven't forgotten that I want to send you a thank you gift, I'm just really intimidated by your talent, and I'm holding myself back a little for that reason. I shall conquer my fears, though, and I will endeavor to send you something I feel is worthy.

Double hugs, Meri

Flora said...

Thanks so much Rchelle and Meri, I'm so glad y'all haven't forgotten about me!!!
I know I have lots of visitors but everyone is always too busy to say hello anymore!!!
I'm done with Santa and almost done with the vampire!!!
Meri, I told you about gifts ,but a Christmas card would be so lovely!!!

Marisa said...

they look like a lot of fun to finish, the work on the expressions is very good!

Flora said...

Hello Marisa and WELCOME!!! Thanks so much for the lovely comments!!

Anonymous said...

And your two little creations, too ;)

Patty Benedict said...

FLORA!!!!They are Wonderful!!!!!!
Happy Holidays!

Michio said...

I think your blog is wonderful! You are so talented, your hand made dolls and artworks are adorable :)

Flora said...

Lyn, Patty and Micho Hello and Thanks so very much for the sweet comments!!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Season!!!