Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Christmas is so far away...

but for some it feels like it never left...WIP of Christmas Wumbwie

More later....See Ya!!!


vivian said...

NOt thinking of christmas yet.. but halloween has popped into my head several times lately!

Flora said...

Hello my dear!!! HAHA!!! Yes in mine too, it says FLORA GET TO WORK ON MORE HAlLOWEEN WUMBWIES!!!
Thanks for the visit and comment Vivian!!! Give that precious grandie of yours a great big kiss from me!!!

Judy C said...

Oh, no! I'm not ready for Christmas!

Flora said...

I hear ya Judy!!! Welcome and thank you for the visit and for taking the time to comment!!! Please do come again soon!!!

yoborobo said...

Hi Flora! I'm not ready for Christmas yet, but I am completely into skelly-mania lately. :) LOVE your wumbwies! xo Pam

Flora said...

Hello sweet Pam!!! How are you doing ,wonderful,I hope and still creating !!?? Thanks so much for the kind comments but mostly for thinking about me and for the visit!!!

Ayala ArtDolls said...

It is cute as a button, but I don't want to think of Christmas just yet!! lol

Flora said...

I know, right but these Wumbwies don't have a time schedule, bad momma !!!Thanks again!!!