Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hey, what's that ....

Glimmering over there... Looks like a Demon,a Goblin and a Wizard to me....
Halloween "Glimmers"

The 13th hour
Somewhere past midnight but not yet one,
the bewitching hour has just begun.
When witches dance with brooms in flight
in the twilight of the night.
So come night creatures ,great and small
Wizards, haints, goblin folk and all.
It's that 13th hour that's in between,
The time to welcome Halloween !
by Flora Thompson

And these are my newest " Wallee" designs, hanging wall ornaments, they are similar to my Christmas "Shimmers " series and will be available for the SpookyTimeJingles update after midnight tonight along with my Patriotic Wumbwie
"Unca Stham

Mah Wibbortee.

Ah wave dis fwag of my contwee.
Ah hode it high foh ow to sthee !
Ah cewebwate my wibbortee,
ebber pwowed and ahways Fwee !

by Flora Thompson.

It's no secret as you can see, where all the pretties be!
Should you dally, you will know just how quickly they will go!!I know you could not stand it, if left empty handed!!!

I'll leave y'all with some wips...
Glimmer WIPS
Wumbwie WIPS
More later ,SEE YA!!!


maddyrose said...

I love these little wall ornaments. They are wonderful. You are one talented lady, and a poet too.

Flora said...

Hello again MaddyRose I'm so glad you came back!!! Thank you so much for the kind comments about all my art!!!The written work is really just little " ditties" but, thanks so much for that compliment too!!!

flyingbeader said...

So adorable...now I'm wanting to work on some Halloween things. Thank you for the jump start.

Flora said...

Hello Flying bear!!!Thank you and Welcome, I'm so happy to have helped in the jump start!!!

Lone Pierette said...

Hi dear Flora. So glad I came here to visit , all you make is just wonderful !!

Flora said...

Lone!!!! My goodness it's been ages!!!! How are you!!!??I'm so happy you decided to come by too and Thank you so much for the sweet comment!!!