Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's messy business...

Playing with clay...but somebody's gotta do it!!!

I LOVE making things with clay ,the messy part,not so much
the end products well of course!!!
Doodle and base
Clay and eyes
wings with wire embellishment
hand base
clay applied
Will have to do some tweaking...More later,
SEE YA!!!!


Brenda said...

Hello Flora... I have been silently following your blog and watching your magical creations take shape. Love to see the steps from drawings to a 3 dimensional piece. You are one amazing artist! I could see your illustrations and little characters in story books. They are like your personal fairy tales come to life. Thank you for sharing your process. I have never been one for creating sculpture but am in awe of those that can do it so brilliantly.

I just had to step from the shadows for the moment to let you know that I appreciate your blog. :)


Anonymous said...

Flora, your creations always amaze me!! Why have I never seen Goblin Love before? You must do more Goblins!
Cheers and hugzs

Flora said...

Brenda, what a lovely comment and I do appreciate your kindness for taking the time to let me know!!!I'm always so happy to hear from other artist, I enjoyed your blog BTW!!!,and hope to hear from you again soon!!!

Susie McMahon said...

Yep.........Messy business! I bet you liked making mud-pies when you were little.

But the transformation is remarkable!

Flora said...

Hello my dear Dawn!!! The goblins are good about blending in ...AHAHA!!! I just changed my blog up a bit and moved some stuff, deleted other stuff.Thank you so much for the great comment about them, I have another kinda goblin in the works, too much stuff going on and I'm not focused enough to concentrate on anyone thing for too long!!!Thanks again!!

Ghoulie Girls said...

Fabulous as always! Can't wait to see this one completed.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Flora said...

Hey Susie and GG!!!I can't ever get this blogger posting in order!!!But THANK YOU , ladies for the visit and such wronderful comments!! Susie I was about to say no I didn't like getting dirty, but then I remembered , I used to dig up the ground to reach the red clay underneath and I would make characters with it!!!HA! I would never have remembered that, my grandmom had the figure for the longest time on one of her display shelves!!Thank you Susie for that memory!!!

maddyrose said...

What a great post, Flora. I loved your WIP. I also love seeing someone else's hands look as messy as mine usually do. Your little creations are wonderful. You really are a gifted artist.

A Magical Whimsy said...

You are amazing, Flora.
The details you put into your creations are fantastic and fabulous and glorious!
I love your music by the way...anything whimsical...
Thanks for the joy!
Have a happy 4th of July!
Teresa Swanson

jacarda said...

Такой чудный малыш!

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Me encanta tu trabajo!

fancifulelephantemporium said...

Hi Flora, Thanks for the peek into how you make such magical art. I have never had the desire to work with clay, but your posts are inspiring me to test the waters.
Have a wonderful day.
Cheers, Debbie

Deanna Hogan said...

I love your work and would so love to take a class with you some day!


Flora said...

Thank you ladies so very much for the wonderful comments and especially for the visit, I always enjoy seeing how my art is so well recieved by my peers, thanks again for all the lovely words of encouragement.

Maggie said...

My goodness, what a little cutie! Your characters are wonderful.

Flora said...

Hello and Welcome Maggie!!!Thanks so much for visiting me I love talking to new folks!!!Many thanks for the kind comment too, hope to see you again!!!