Monday, July 2, 2012

Have a Happy...

4th of July

More later ,SEE YA!!! Blessings,Flora


ImagiMeri said...

Your imagination just makes me smile pretty lady.


Halloween Fanatic said...

If he could only come and join my family of little wumbwies...ahhh...such a cutie! Happy Fourth of July Flora! Please check out your little guys over at my blog. Robert

Flora said...

Hey sweetie!!!,Yes but he already has a forever home!!!I'm sure he would have enjoyed it at your home too!!
Thanks Robert!!!

Flora said...

AWWWW Thank you so much Meri!!!Hows the spun cotton creating going, I'd love to see what you do with it ???

maddyrose said...

Whenever I see one of these precious little faces I have to smile. There's no way I can keep from doing so. Who could resist such a sweet face? Have a happy
4th of July Flora.

Flora said...

Hello again my dear MaddyRose!!!
You are so sweet to say that,Thank you, it does my heart good to hear this, !!!