Saturday, October 12, 2013

The midnight hour ..

will soon be upon us and I'm still working it baby !!HA!!...a few more updates for your viewing pleasure


Stone clay hanging ornie with blue glass eyes

Wynter Sprite

spun cotton ornie with blue glass eyes

Cornies Zombie

spun cotton hanging ornie with Marty Feldman eyes!!!HA!!!!I crack myself up....;)

All available at SpookyTimeJingles only after midnight ...More Later ,SEE YA!!!


Dianie said...

Hi Flora,
Wonderful creations!

That little sprite has my heart :)

Have a great day.


Flora said...

Diane !!!It's been too long, hope all is well with you and yours!!!
Thanks for visiting with me!!!

maddyrose said...

Oh Flora, these are wonderful. Love the Candy Corn guy with the Marty Feldman eyes. :o)

Flora said...

Hello my dear Maddy how have you been??? I've missed you !!! Thanks so much for the sweet comment and visit !!!

Linda Walsh said...

Flora, I just love these - especially the MoonKing.

Flora said...

Hello Linda !!! MoonKing seems to be quite a popular fellow !!!Thank you for the dear comment and for visiting with me!!!