Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wish me ..

Luck with getting rid of the uninvited visitor by doing this " private " thing , but ya never know ... Thank you to all who stuck with me...<3 " The Bone Collector"

will be going up on EHag at the end of this month more pictures to come , let me know if you are interested .


Elma said...

Why must people be mean? Don't get it.

Lisa said...

Im here, which means Im in.
my email is


Flora said...

Good to know Lisa !!! I'm having a heckova time with a couple of other readers that get their invite then they are declined when they accept ??? <3

Bigfootwallace said...

Hi Flora,
Do you have a full pic of the Bone Collector? I want him, or her, as the case may be! Those milky blue eyes and that skull face paint just creep me out in bestest way!
How big, and standing?
Oh, and how much? I'll send a Paypal.

Flora said...

Hey Dana !!! Yes I will send you some pictures in a few minutes , I have another person asking about him and just emailed her , I'll let you know if she doesn't answer me ok ? <3

Flora said...

Elma, I'm so sorry , I just found your comment , blogger is such a pain about doing this!!! Thanks so much I appreciate you !!! <