Monday, September 17, 2007

Problems problems problems!

I had to re post my angel doll "Hope" posting! Silly me I tried to add Ad Sense and lost it....a bit of an oxymoron dontcha think?....Anyway it's back......But things are still out of order....that'll teach me.... and the comments were lost, just didn't know what else to do so I guess this is how it will stay. DUH! I did not lose the post ...they got archived..... !!!!!! Well at least she'll stay up front and center as a reminder!!!!

On a lighter note, I had my hair high lighted by my sweet niece Tina, HEY TINA !!!, who is a bride to be.

I wasn't too sure about the color but my dh Bill said it made me look younger.....HAHAHA...on the other hand my ds Walker said it made me look older....? go figure!

I told y'all earlier about my membership into the awesomely wonderful " The Humble Arts " group, well these are the dolls I hope to sell there. I say hope cause people have to like them to buy them otherwise they just sit there....waiting to be adopted... they should be up for the beginning of Oct. The top doll is my pumpkin lady, her photo is not very good, as I said I do need photography lessons, she is about 25'' tall and the other one is my Jolly Jumping-Jack , now his photo is much better, he is about 18'' tall, they both look much better in person ! I'm not having any luck posting so I better go do something else. They were supposed to go you can see they didn't.


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Cool new dolls! And, by the way, I've had a few of those "Duh" moments myself lately. Best wishes~Cathy

Tina(Taken over by her daughter, Nicole) said...

Love the new dolls!!