Friday, February 22, 2008

Beary cute...

I've been working on a bear design and decided it was time to make it, of course I didn't have any mohair, but I did have vintage camel hair fabric and little " Bailey" was "born". I designed my own pattern so I guess she is an original girlie too!
Usually I try to make my creations as close to my drawings as possible, but as you can see "Bailey" decided otherwise. She can stand on her own with just a little positioning and I've made her jointed with cotter pins and discs at her neck ,shoulders and hips.I also needle felted the whites of her eyes with some cream wool roving, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but still I'm not sure I would want to make felted creations like my friend Teresa what a talented lady!
I'm also in the process of making a dress for her, her shoes are almost done as well, cause a little girlie needs something to protect her paws!
These are a few pic's of Bailey, from the start and in between.

All in all I'm pleased with her and I think she is a beary cute little bear.


Louisiana Momma said...

she is too darn cute! I love her little nub of a tail.

Ayala Art said...

What a cute little face!

Flora said...

I'm glad y'all like her,she needs a bit more and I'm running out of time I needed her done
Blessings, Flora

tattered 'n torn prims said...

he has such an adorable full of character!! Love him!!

Diane Duda said...

Oh, I just love BAiley! Naked, clothed...either way. I also love the sketches. You should do some paintings of her too!

So Cute!


Flora said...

Thank you Stacey and Di,I'm gonna hate to part with her. She kinda grows on you.

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

oh Gosh your Bailey is soooooo sweet! I want her!!!
Loved your awesome recipe going to make your HONEY MUSTARD CHICKEN PIE tonight!!!!
Gosh Flora can you believe we at HARTS are a year old.
Love N Hugs Sherrie

Flora said...

Time has a way of slipping by us when we're not looking! Thank you for the compliment on my Bailey, I will miss her when she goes. Btw that recipe and posting is from Blondie, she had it on the newsletter, let me know how it turns out!