Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Humble Arts ...

My selling site is having an anniversary this March and to celebrate this event, we are donating handmade items, these two are my offerings, in keeping with the Irish theme of the month.

This one is called "Kiss Me I'm Irish"

This one is called "Irish Lassie"

Both are made of small ornamental gourds, just like my " Valentine Cuties", but these don't have poems just the little ditty/saying on hangtags and my logo, all embellished and done up "prettily".
Come by and visit and sign up for the gifts you would like to recieve, when your name gets drawn, (I think it's only one item per person though!)
Just so there is no confusion ask Blondie, she'll set you straight! So don't forget!


Unknown said...

oooooh!! I love them!!

Unknown said...

Flora, I love them!!!!

Flora Chang said...

Those are made of gourds? It's amazing! Your artworks are so whimsy... :D
Thanks for visiting my blog!! xoxo

Missy Sue Hanson said...

How gorgeous! I followed your link from Humble Arts and just wanted to pop in! You're amazingly talented! I'll be back often....thanks for a great visit!

Flora said...

Thank you all, for the lovely comments,yes Flora , they are small smooth gourds, I have so many of them and this idea popped up!