Friday, February 29, 2008

March anniversary!!!

Yay!!! Our March stuff is up, at The Humble Arts y'all come visit!
This newsletter is by our esteemed leader Blondie and I think she said everything much better than I could, I hope she doesn't mind that I took the liberty to do this!

MARCH 2008

Happy Anniversary to The Humble Arts!!!!!!!

We are celebrating our first anniversary this month. It is difficult for us to contain our joy - it is overflowing so much that we are having door prizes being given out for the ENTIRE month. We so much want to share our JOY with YOU. Please make a note to visit us on March 1, 2008!!!

We will be doing the drawings each week ~ the first drawing will be held on March 9. To be entered into the drawings you must be registered through our new mailing list. If you are receiving this newsletter, you may not necessarily be in our new mailing list. We have chosen to use a Bravenet mailing list - it is not sold or shared any other person or group. It also has the option to remove yourself in the future. We promise not tofill your inbox with weekly trivia.

Each of the Harts members that has a blog will be announcing the winners - as well as it being announced on our website each week. If you haven't visited our individual blogs or if you weren't even aware that we were bloggers too ~ well, below is the list of our blogging sites. Each is as different in personality and style as each artist! Please come and visit! We love company!

Bonehead Studios ~~ "http:/"~~

Countryfolk keepsakes ~~ "" ~~

Crabby Gabby ~~ "" ~~

Curds-and-Whey ~~ "" ~~

Greeneyez ~~ "" ~~

Magpie Feathers ~~ "" ~~

Momma's Goodies~~ "" ~~

Sympletymes ~~ "" ~~

Tattered 'n Torn ~~ "" ~~

Vermont Harvest ~~"" ~~

Vintage Primitives ~~"" ~~

As a group we like to share our ideas, our lives and swap recipes. One recipe we shared recently, we thought we would share with you. It is YUMMY!!





1 - 9 inch double crust

1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breast

1/4 cup soy sauce

oil for cooking

1/4 cup finely chopped onion

1 clove garlic, minced

1 cup chicken broth

1 cup carrots, cut into matchsticks

4-6 tablespoons honey

1 heaping tablespoon prepared Dijon mustard



ground black pepper

1 - 2 tablespoons cornstarch



Cut chicken into bite-size chunks, and marinate in soy sauce.

Pour enough oil in saucepan to coat the bottom of the pan.

Saute onion and garlic over medium-high heat until onion in

soft but not brown. Add chicken pieces, and saute until

chicken is cooked through. Stir in chicken broth, carrots,

honey, mustard, parsley, salt and pepper. Mix cornstarch with

a few tablespoons of water to make a paste. Bring chicken

mixture to a boil, and stir in cornstarch mixture. Cook,

stirring constantly, until thick. Mixture should get pretty

thick: add more cornstarch mixture if necessary. Pour chicken

mixture into pie shell. Top with crust, cutting small slits

in top to let steam escape. Bake at 425 degrees for 15 minutes.

Reduce heat to 350 degrees Bake 30 minutes more, or until crust

is golden brown.

Yield: 1 9-inch pie

As always, we appreciate your support of Handmade in America honest to goodness Folk Art.

Thank you for sharing your time with us!

The Humble Arts Team


Lorraine said...

Yummy! I need to get over there and sign up!!!

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Hiya Lorraine!!!
Yes please sign up!!! thank you for visiting!