Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hello Bettina

Trying to finish this doll, that should have been done long ago, but " the faster I go the behinder I get " she's a bit of an "odd duck" can that be possible for me ?..lol...I think she has possiblities, with a few minor changes that is, I do like the big nose and feet. Still her look is not so easy on the eyes as my "Bailey" is, she does have "character" though, kinda grumpy as if to say "Now what ?" I suppose once I add the extras she will be a bit more appealing, I used some minwax on her to give her a different look, but the odor sure is taking it's sweet time to dissipate, I'll have to place her outside for a while so it'll clear it up. In the mean time let's just say... Hello Bettina. Bettina, you can turn around now....she's just a little shy.....

Okay, now let's get working on some clothes! Anyway a proper lady should never be EXPOSED!


tattered 'n torn prims said...

Kinda has the look of some of the substitute teachers I remember!!! LOL!! Love it and can't wait to see her in her proper attire

Flora said...

Me either!, I'm just not too sure of how to do a proper prim stain?..lol So I guess we'll both be a bit suprized!...hehehe!