Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Proper Prim lady

There's nothing like getting new clothes to make a doll,feel special!
We tried on another dress but blue checks looked down right hokey and tired on Miss Bettina. So we settled on this cute little brown number of vintage eyelet fabric and the fit was just perfect or so she says, mica on the wings and hearts added the extra touch that made it all go from drab to " Oh So Sparkly "!
Alas, we have no shoes to fit her " delicate" feeties, ( frankly I'm a bit relieved, can you imagine how hard it would have been to make a pair that would actually fit those clodhoppers?)
She especially loves the lightly scented "eau de toilet of coffee and cinnamon" cologne and promptly applied it " all parts " of her body!
She even put on a tiny bit of lip coloring and mica blush, cause we can't have a washed out looking face now can we?

I think I see a smile creeping in, and why not, she has the proper attire for a " Proper Prim lady " well at least she thinks so!


Lone pierette said...

Love her Flora !

I have given you an Award - please visit my blog

hugs Lone

Flora said...

Lone, I'm so glad you do!thanks for visiting! and THANK YOU for the award!