Friday, March 28, 2008

Bears 1~2~3

I'm lost in the woods
and all a lone!
I'm hungry and thirsty
and far from home!
I've come upon an
empty house.
I enter it quietly
as a mouse.
My thirst I quench,
my belly now fed.
I need a place to
lay my head.
Roused from my slumber
I do see!
BEARS! 1~2~3!
All after me!!!
by Flora Thompson

It's that time once more to submit my April doll offering into "The Humble Arts",so I decided to make this sweet Goldilocks and These adorable 3 Bears. The poem is an original.

This is a pattern that I designed from a drawing I did last year.

Where are my arms?

Hung out to dry?

Does anybody know a good hair dresser? I actually gave her two different hair colors that's what gives it the subtle highlights.I'm very please with the outcome.

all together at last!
Please be sure to go see all the lovely creations starting monday.


PG said...

Having spent many hours today trying to remember how to sew, and endeavouring to make a pattern for a toy from one of my own designs, (unsuccessfully) I am just amazed and awed at this. It is such a skilled job.

Flora said...

I love dollmaking,but having said that, I need to add that it is a tedious task!Don't give up though! From concept to finish! thank you for the compliment!

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Love, love, love her pouty lil mouth!! She is just too cute Flora!!

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Flora, They are very very precious!!!!!!!! I LOve your step to process!!!! Her legs are too cute!!! and her dress is sweet but those bear are way cute!!!
Many Hugs,
Hope she brings home the bacon!!!
Way to go!

Flora said...

Awww thanks Jackie for the sweet comments and for visiting me!

Flora said...

thank you, I'm so glad you like her!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

This set is FABULOUS Flora!! Another wonderful creation!

Flora said...

Peanut you are a sweetheart! thank you!

vintagepaletteart said...

Flora........she's just about the sweetest lil Goldilocks that I've ever seen! =D I Love her face and hair. Her striped leggings are just precious along with her little trio of bears!


Flora said...

I'm so glad you visited me and thank you for the wonderful comments!!!

Huckleberry Arts said...

Shes wonderful Flora I Love her Eyes!!

Have a beautiful April!

Flora said...

Thank you Annette!!!! But they will all look so much better with the new template!!!!!

Cookie said...

Look at this precious set - I'm with Jackie-O, her little legs are PRICELESS!!!!

Flora said...

Cookie thank you !!! Something about striped stockings is very appealing!