Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Whoa Nellie

I made this sad little dolly " Nellie " quite a while ago, she was my first "prim" doll and my last!...sigh! I'm not sure how to do the prim thing. I was going for that look when I made "Bettina", she was made for a " Friends Swap" in one of my groups, she has a new home in Australia,with my friend Shagsy.

Isn't Shagsy just beautiful? and she hates having her pic's taken!..go figure!!!
(she's gonna kill me..hehehe!)
My Nellie sat on a shelf so forlorn and sad,so I decided to give her some "new" clothes,(You know how we women love new clothes!) I think she has some new self confidence too...unfortunately she still looks sad as she offers her only possesion, an "old" and stained flower, on which a ladybug has landed.
We were both excited and thought she would be going to a nice new home too but looks like I'll have to say...Whoa Nellie...for just a little while longer.

1 comment:

Shagsy said...

Damn right I am going to kill you!!!!!!
You are so lucky you live over there and I live over here woman..........lol.