Saturday, March 8, 2008


Ok I know I'm "Challenged", in many things, but it really is starting to be a GREAT pain in my behind!!!! Just when I think I got it I go and have a DUH! moment..too many actually!...I tried to add all my new friends blogs and wound up deleting them all!!!!.... Migraine coming.....!
So now I have been frantically adding all my old friends back and...old age again...
I'm adding them double and forgetting others, what if they came to visit right now and their blogs aren't here, I don't want to offend them in anyway!!!!! Take a deep breath and slow down Flora!!!!
Well I'm sure I'll be here for a "little" while longer than I expected...hahaha, just a little while?...Not!...DUH!!!


To everyone who visited and didn't see their blog here I'm so sorry ,Please forgive me!


tattered 'n torn prims said...

tee hee hee!! This made me chuckle!! Sorry to get a chuckle outa your problem, but I'm just glad others have a problem now and then...cause you know misery loves company and I'm a complete computer duh!! It's nice that you care so much about others to explain this!! You are very thoughful!!

Flora said...

No worries, laughing (or chuckles) is good for what ails you!