Monday, March 10, 2008

Dreary Monday and Halloween dollies

Woke up late this morning to a dreary Monday with drizzling cold rain...a signal of change in the air...the weather changes everytime it rains here anymore.
The saying "wait a few minutes and it will change" in reference to the weather here is usually true.
I really don't mind it, of course I get to stay home, so I can say! But I've always loved the rain, everything about it, especially the scent just before a down pour and right afterwards while it's still fresh.
I've had my share of scarey moments when driving in it though. I remember driving on a cloudy ominous day that suddenly turned pitch black with hail dropping hard and fast. And me in the middle of the freeway with all the other cars, nobody drives with a lick of sense when it rains, me included...we are all accidents waiting to happen!
"There but for the grace of God", so you say a little prayer for yourself and the other drivers,then cautiously drive on.
The one bright spot of the day is that I recieved a package from Australia YAY!!!
It was my swap doll from my friend Shagsy/Sharon and they are "gorgeous" as she likes to say, Truly!( And she's TOTALLY in love with "George Micheal", Yes she knows he's gay, but hope springs eternal,!)
I do so love Halloween and all things Halloween, so take a look at what she made for me.

Aren't they wonderful,the last pic is of all my doll swap dolls together, love them all, This way they won't be so lonely.
I guess it's not such a dreary Monday afterall not with my new Halloween dollies!


Shagsy said...

Well you left me LMAO reading that. You gotta tell the whole world about my infatuation? Thats meant to be a secret you know!
Seriously Flora,I am so glad you liked your witchy-poo and her bestest friend the cat!!! And I am honored that you have put her on your blog.
Love ya!
Shagsy xox

Flora said...

AHAHA, Not a secret anymore my deary!!!Shagsy I'm so glad you came to visit me!!!!

Doreen said...

Hello all your swap dollies. I love your work and your blog is the music playing in the background.


Flora said...

Doreen your such a sweetheart! Thank you for the lovely comments about my blog!

Wyld Goddess Dolls said...

Love your blog Flora. I should get my back side into gear and get my blog updated.

Louisiana Momma said...

the witches are cute as can be.. I am not a big halloween fan but the dolls are all adorable.

Flora said...

Thanks Jude and yes you should get going on that blog update!HAHAHA!

Flora said...

They really are too cute not to like!, Thnak you for visiting with me!