Sunday, March 16, 2008

So sorry

I've been remiss,a friend of mine Terri Aden of Primcreek tagged me and I didn't see it on her blog, I'm sorry Terri,I was to list 6 non-important things about me.
I think I'm too late but I'm gonna do it anyway, after all they are non-important.
Ok let me think...uh-oh send for the fire trucks!...
1)I HATE Texas heat!!! with a passion, I always say I'm gonna move to a state with a cooler climate..I still want too.
2)I learned how to drive fairly late, everybody was learning around 16 yrs of age
and I didn't learn until I was in my early 20's
3)I'm VERY scared of creepy crawlers..especially those big nasty ugly tree roaches,
I almost overturned a canoe I was in when we got too close to a tree with huge tree spiders!!!..UGH...Shivers!!!
4)I love the smell of fresh mowed grass, such a clean clean scent!
5)I can't hold my liquor, 1/2 a glass of any mixed drink (I can't stand the taste of it, so it has to be mixed) and I'm three sheets to the wind!!!
6)I LOVE comfort food, especially casseroles with some kinda cheese in it....YUM!!!!
How'd I do Terri? I'm so sorry for not catching it sooner!


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

I see we have much in common! I also dislike
Spiders and love comfort casseroles.
Move to NC - not as hot as Texas until August generally. Then it lasts just a few weeks but that seems like an eternity in hell . . .

Flora said...

Now you see, I might be able to cope with a month of heat but from April to way into even November, how on earth do I think this is living? and some people just can't wait for it to get hot here!!!! N.C.huh? hummm.... Thanks for visiting me!!!

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Hi Flora Dora,
I just hate creepy crawlers too!!
Hope all is well!!!

Flora said...

Hello Jackie !!! yes all is well,
thank you,I think a lot of people hate them!!!!