Friday, March 21, 2008

An old tradition...

I love to make baskets for my children and I do them for almost all the holidays. I've been doing them for over 30 yrs and counting. The three baskets pictured above are for my twin grandsons first Easter and for my 12 yr old, possibly his last.
The tradition started out of a desire to let my first child feel special on Easter morning , not that she wasn't feeling the love. I just wanted her to have that Christmas morning kinda excitement when you opened your stockings and allsorts of goodies come tumbling out.
As a child we never knew we were poor, everyone in our neighborhood was in the same boat, so it was the way it was and no one I knew ever got Easter baskets. I may not have been able to afford them then and being on a tight budget I still could not afford the beautiful, but way too expensive, ones in the boutiques. But it didn't stop me from making my own.
Oh how I loved to see them run to open the baskets before church and each one had to have their pic's taken with their new clothes and basket. Homemade Easter baskets, were always something they looked forward to and I did spoil them with very elaborate ones, so much so that even my oldest continued to get them from me way past the time that she should have...because I knew she loved them so.
With grandchildren here and another on the way, there really is no reason to stop, although my husband would dispute!
An so an old tradition continues.

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