Thursday, March 13, 2008

Inspiring Artisans

My sweet friend Annette of Huckleberryarts has given me the "You Make My Day Award". Thank you Annette, so I have the opportunity to give it out once more too!
I chose:
1) Shagsy - Prims Downunder
2) Kim - Calamity Kim
3) Katie - Punkindoodleboo
4) Wendy - Whendi's Bears
5) Mithua - Craftswithcare
6) Jackie - Plain-n-Simple
7) Doreen - Vermont Harvest Primitives
8) Pam - Soft in the head
9) April - Folky Art
10) Dawn - Odd Fae and Autumnthings

These very talented people get me motivated to better myself as an artist, all I have to do is take one look at their beautiful creations and the creative juices start flowing, that's why they are my choice for this "You Make My Day" award and as "Inspiring Artisans".


punkindoodleboo said...

Gosh! Thank you Ms. Flora! You humble me terribly, because I am so in awe of your amazing talent! Thank you for the "You Make My Day Award". You truly made my day :)!

XXOO Katie

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Oh Thank You Miss Flora!!!!!! I hope its alright to add ya to my blog!!!!! Such a mischievious song on your blog, : ) it makes a heart happy!!!!
Many Dollie Hugs,

Plain-n-Simple! said...

O Goody another really cool blog to visit often...YOURS!!! You look like my best friend from High school, she is Piute Indian!!!! Thank You so much for the very sweet compliments!!!!!!!

Many Hugs,

Flora said...

How sweet of you to say that Jackie!I will enjoy having you visit as often as you want!

craftswithcare said...

Thank you Flora for the Award!
Actually it is your blog that makes my day!


Flora said...

What a sweet thing to say Mithua!
I just got back from eyeing your beautiful Arabelle,lovely doll!
Blessings, and Thank you!