Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mama Said

Mama Said

Mama said " Come home Nellie "
Nellie said " Why?"
Mama said " Come home Nellie!"
Nellie said " I will,by and by."
Mama said " Come home Nellie my stubborn little one!
The day is almost gone and your chores aren't done!"
Nellie said " Ok Mama...Here I come."
Mama said "That's my sweet sugar bun."
by Flora Thompson

Sweet little Nellie would love nothing better than to play all day in the woods, but there are chores to be done, and never enough time to do what needs to be done, let alone do what we want! Which in her case is nothing, she kinda reminds me of someone? hmmmmmm? This raggamuffin is gonna take her turn on The Humble Arts we are having our new uploads this weekend. And if you want to get, while the getting is good, you better make sure that you are there!!! I'm a lot like Nellie and I've let time get away from me, lets hope I'm not too late.


tattered 'n torn prims said...

She is just precious Flora!! She won't be waitin' long, and then she'll be takin' a trip to her new home!! Great job girl!!

Flora said...

Oh sweetie thank you so much for that comment!!

Gretel said...

Awesomely delightful, so original and full of personality!

Flora said...

Hey PG!!! Well she is different isn't she?..hahaha!!! Thanks for always saying such kind things about dolls!!!