Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Proud American

" Uncle Sam I Am "
Uncle Sam I am, so fortunate to be,
Born in a land so beautiful and free.
Uncle Sam I am, so fortunate to be,
Living in a country blessed with
sweet liberty.
Uncle Sam I am, so fortunate and proud,
That I can call myself an.. AMERICAN!
by Flora Thompson

Peanut had some pencil head dolls she had made on her blog and I got the idea to do my guy this way from her, with a "Bone*Head*Studios" touch...Thanks Peanut.!
Uncle Sam has finally been sent to "The Humble Arts" where I hope he will find a loving home. I've seen some of the fabulous creations and I think y'all need to mark the date on a calender, so y'all won't miss it, cause when it's gone it's...gone! Just click the link Okay?
So see ya there?
Here are some " in progress " pic's;

Proud American


Gretel said...

I love seeing how people work! And dolls are alien territory to me, so interesting how you sculpt and mould, and then you get a terrific chap like this. But I love the dear wheely elephant best of all...

The little rhyme you were asking about is an old children's hymn, it is actually longer but as a little girl I only knew the first 2 verses.
The full words and a rather cranky tune sample can be found at this site

Flora said...

Thank you PG, for always saying something sweet about my work and for the link!

Diane Duda said...

You are insanely talented!
I just love him.


Flora said...

Diane you are too kind! Thank you and right back atcha!

CraBBy GaBBy said...

How amazing to watch it come to life! I am floored..what a great technique you are one smart chickie pooh!
Can't wait to see it up on harts :)

Flora said...

Hello Heidi!!!! Glad you came to visit!!! Thank you for your sweet comments!

FairiesNest said...

He's marvelous! I especially like his eyes and shoes...simply wonderful!

Flora said...

Hello Fairiesnest!! Thank you, I would have to say they are my two favorite parts as well!

Kristine said...

Hi Flora!!!!
You've done it again!!!!!!!
Unbelievable talent you have!!!!
To see the world through your eyes for one day, would be a huge blessing!!!


Flora said...

I'm so glad you like it, dear friend I think your blessings are bountiful already .

Huckleberry Arts said...

Flora as Alwyas Just wonderful!!!!! they all are great I love the elephants!

And Also I am tagging you :)

Check out my blog for the info

Have a beautiful day

Flora said...

Thank you Annette!!! Seems like everyone likes elephants!!!