Sunday, May 18, 2008

My kind of cake

This is my youngest dd Alexandra ( Allie )and her fiance Rhinehart.Don't they look so sweet? Hard to believe she is old enough to be out on her own let alone be engaged. Everytime I see her I see the barely 3 yr old that she was, with a scrunched up face asking me " You pindished mom?" when translated means "are you finished mom?" in reference to taking my plate to the dishwasher. She knew what she was saying even if I didn't always understand.
She is a very talented young lady with a strong desire to be a pastry chef. She loves to try different things and most are very tasty!
She made me a cake for mother's day, not just any kind of cake mind you! Her's was a very special ooak cake. Take a look

Can you guess what it is? It's a BoneHeadStudios kinda cake!!!! She worked so hard on it, all day long, at a friends house. The green is a big witch nose and the black dot on top is a wart! The hat is made of fondant,her eyes are down near the hat brim, on each side, it was so moist and very tasty, I almost couldn't bring myself to cut into it.
She was so very proud and all I kept seeing was my sweet little 3 yr old with the scrunched up face looking at me as she asked "Do you like it mom?" It was the best cake ever.
Here are more pic's of it as she constructed it.

Now that's my kinda cake ...look out world, here comes Allie !!!!!

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