Tuesday, October 12, 2010

But I thought yesterday was ...

today.....? Apparently not,ok so I'm extremely late blogging about my newest STJ update!!!! I made it by the skin of my teeth on STJ,But first things first.
SpookyTimeJingles is having their very first...drum roll please!!!...Holiday Show a SpookyTimeJingles Holiday Soiree!!!!

Saturday, October 16th 2010
SpookyTime Jingles Holiday Soiree
10a.m - 3p.m

At the
Historic Union Fire Company
1396 River Road
Titusville/Washington's Crossing, New Jersey 08560


So without further ado let me introduce you to my latest updates
Christmas Wumbwies are here!!!

Down a cwooked widow wode
Wiv a funny bunce a peepoh,
Called Wumbwies.
I see dem ehwee mohning wif
Dayoh widow biwee pets.
But day don�t see meeee, cause
Ahm vewee sneaky.. hehehe!
by Flora Thompson

Griffen is back too

"Griffin the Goblin".
The doorbells will ring .
though out the night! .
Someone will answer .
then scream with fright! .
Griffin the goblin .
laughs with delight, .
While making his way to .
the next house in sight!! .
by Flora Thompson

And making their first appearance in Bone*Head*Studios land
Baby Demons



Little Things.
Do not fear the dark,.
though it be cold and stark..
But if perchance you hear, .
an unfamiliar sound..
I do not recommend.
you stop to look around !.
Be quick about your pace,.
you have no time to waste!.
For waiting in the wings.
are hungry little things..
by Flora Thompson

A few WIPS of my Baby Demons

No rest for the wicked...the fun never stops, so I'm off to finish a few pieces that were due yesterday...



Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

Wonderful! Your work is just so fun and WONDERFUL!

Shirley Williams said...

Flora, as usual, your work is so wonderful and fun. I love the Christmas Wumbwies and I love the little demons and, face it, I just love all your work. You make me smile. My Valentine prize agrees with me. She is telling me to say "Hi" for her.

Jingle said...

Oh, these are all so fabulous! The little Wumbwies took my breath away!!!

Flora said...

Thanks so much Joanne and Shirley, I'm so glad y'all stopped in for a visit with me!!!
Welcome Joanne!!! Your bears as too adorably sweet, what a talented lady you are!!!

Flora said...

Hello sweet Jingle!!! Wumbwies are just little bitty bits of Christmas delight, Thanks so much!!!

Caroline said...

Wonderful as always Flora :)

yoborobo said...

They are all amazing, Flora! ox Pam

Flora said...

Hello Caroline and Pam!!! I appreciate the kind comments!!!Thanks so much ladies!!!

Sue said...

Flora I love all these - love the combination of devilish innocence. Love, love, love them!


Flora said...

Thanks so much Sue!!!HA! I was going for a look like that!!!

Unknown said...

Flora, how do you do it? So much talent! They are amazing, I especially love the little demons!

Flora said...

Hello Sweet Zan!!!! You're too kinda, thanks so much!!!

ImagiMeri said...

OMGosh Flora,

Your Wumbwies are to die for!!!!!! All the rest are incredible, but the Wumbwies.........amazing! I am so in awe of your talent.....and to think you actually talk to me and give me encouragement.....you're the best lady.

Love ya'

Flora said...

Oh Meri,you are such a sweetie!!!
Thanks so much for always being that way to me!!!

Sue said...

Hi Flora, me again!

Thanks for visiting my blog. If you have any question at all about your mole have the doc look at it. Erring on the side of caution is so much better than having to deal with this nasty disease.



Flora said...

Sue, that's so right, Thanks so much for the heads up!!!

Flora said...

Sue, that's so right, Thanks so much for the heads up!!!

Creepy Glowbugg said...

My son's name is Gryphon, so I am immediately drawn to your Griffin, but those Daemon (you say Demon, I say Daemon) babies are just amazing and stunning works of haunted art! Are they by special commission or are they for sale somewhere? I just adore them!

Flora said...

Hello Creepy Glowbugg!!!Thanks so much for your kind comments and inquiries!!! These were made for Spookytimejingles and all sold!!! I am doing a customer list so that they can have
first peeks at what I'm offering.
I will try and get it done soon.