Friday, October 29, 2010

Who needs Halloween......!!!!

When you get these kinda treats from Grandpa and Nana...

A closer look

I finished my homemade monsters finally,all 4, gotta figure what to call them now...?

Thank goodness for Hallmark " Creaky Box " ,it gave me just enough room, almost anyway!!

Have a safe and "SpookyTimeJingles" howling goodtime this Halloween and by all means eat all the candy you can, afterall we only live once!!!



Mary said...

oh my gosh, these treat boxes are fantastic!!!!

Unknown said...

What goodies Flora... can I come and live with you!!!!
: ) Pattee

yoborobo said...

Happy Halloween, Flora! I love your monster - they are adorable. :) Not to worry, I have been eating candy all week - lol! xox Pam

Bonnie Jones said...

WOW, what lucky little ones will receive these treasures. Love your are something else, Miss Flora

Flora said...

Thanks so much my dear sweet friends for always giving me such
encouraging words!!! Come on over Pattee!!! Me too Pam, I better watch out or I'll put myself into a diabetic coma, with a big smile on my face....Right back atcha dear Bonnie!!!

Flora said...

Mary Welcome and many thanks for the sweet comments, I'm so glad you liked my mishmash monsters!!!
They were fun and I've got lots more ideas!!!!

spindelmaker said...

Well, aren´t you the best Nana ever!?! I am sure they´ll be thrilled when they get their treasure-boxes.

Unknown said...

Oh My!! What a pair of Lucky Halloweeners! Loved the idea and everything looks so nice put together. Loved it :D


Georgina said...

Hey Flora, would you like to adopt me as one of your grandies!!!??? hahahahaha!!!

Have a great Halloween!


Bigfootwallace said...

Hey Flora Dora,

Excellent Monster Incsters. You are one quirky crafter, and Nana extraordinaire. Those two sweet grandies of yours will be agog!
Thanks for sharing your happy moments - its all about family - we work to fund our lives, don't we.
And hey! I'm a Nana too! I come from a long line of Nana's and Big Nana's (Great-Nana's). My grandies just received their Nana & Popo holiday from across the miles box. Alas, no special crafts, although I remember the days over the sewing machine with special request Halloween costumes: Cinderellas, Draculas and Frankensteins, wolfmen, and one year a Statue of Liberty.
Enjoy your warm Halloween, looks like we may have snow flurries. The little ghouls and monsters up this way wear coats!

Flora said...

AWWW Thanks so much Janne Vania,Georgina and Dana,BTW I have 4 grandies,3 from one dd so I just put those together in one box!!!!
Halloween's almost here and my sweet grandies should be at their aunt's house as we speak!!!
AHAHA!!! Georgina, why not???LOL!!!