Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fanatics and furbabies....

What a wonderful pair!!!
Robert Brawley - The Halloween Fanctic

I'm sure everyone knows and loves Robert and his precious family,how can you not ?
I have been in a bit of a block for quite sometime and couldn't get to his Twinkles
project for sometime, that and ever the white rabbit...
So bitty sad Twinkles sat all alone looking at me forelornly as a WIP for far too long. With Robert's occasional gentle prodding I'd do a bit here and there ,well I finally finished little " Twinkles " or my version of him!!! YAY!!!!
Made from heavy air dry clay, painted with acrylics and a glossy medium added to eyes, nose and mouth areas sealed with a matte spray.
So he will be on his way to his loving home soon , thanks Robert for your patience.
A few wips:
Body proportions were off

very noticeable here


even a pupdog needs a body!!

No pictures please!!!



Chicken Lips said...

Great work Flora! Twinkles is perfect!

Flora said...

Hello David and thanks so much for taking the time to visit with me and commenting, I appreciate it!!!

DellaRae said...

Twinkles is too cute. I think he looks great.

Mima said...

Hola Flora,
Wow, this is just to awesome for words. Twinkles is so adorable and you have captured he's beauty so vividly. TFS, Mima

Flora said...

DellaRea and Mima!!!So good to see y'all again!!! Thanks bunches for the visit and sweet comments!!

Kim Matheny said...

FLora that captures a Frenchie perfectly, beautiful work as always!

Unknown said...

Oh Flora he is precious!!! I bet Robert is head over heals for him!!!!

Michelle said...

Hi Flora,
Your work is truly inspirational. I was wondering what your base material is that you start with. It looks like molded styrofoam. I have been sculpting with paperclay and using styrofoam blocks and balls for the base.

ImagiMeri said...

Hi Flora,

Long time, no chat! I've been so busy working on my Christmas sculpts (very slow with my disabilities) but shall be introducing a couple more soon. Your Twinkles is phenominal, as always, and I just can't tell you enough how much I enjoy your work and how much you inspire me. Not to mention how exceedingly generous and helpful you have been to me. I am forever in your debt for your kind guidance and help. I know I've been pestering you for your address, as I want to send a thank you gift, but I'm stuck at the moment, and horribly lacking any idea of what to make/send to you as I feel so unworthy.....really! I'm in awe of your talent, and I'm really afraid my sending you anything will only be an insult....and that's not like me. I usually do not lack self-confidence in such a large amount, and I know I'm babbling, but you literally make me starstruck. However, I am going to create something for you, as I'm bound and determined to thank you in a substansive way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.......Okay, I'm laying off the groveling now, but you'll still be my art hero.

Love ya'

Flora said...

Thank you Kim, Pattee, Michelle and Meri!!!
Kim,I'm glad you think so, I tried!!!
Hey Pattee, you taking a breather from your travels?? I only wish I could do that too, thanks again for stopping in, Robert is a great guy and seems to enjoy my art!!!
Michelle, it is styrofoam but the packing kind, I have been using it for about 4 yrs now and it works well if you have a sharp knife, which I do.
Meri, you better not send me anything but a card!!!! I really appreciate your kind heart but remember what you said, you wouldn't send me anything but a card sweetie,easy peasy!!! ok?!!!

PEA said...

too cute Flora! oh adorable! I don't know how you take that blob of styro and clay and do what you do but am amazed! I know Robert will treasure it forever.

Flora said...

AWWW Thank so much dear Pea!!!

Atticbabys said...

He is absolutely adorable !!!
Love the "argh" pic LOL !!!

Flora said...

Hello Nan!!! HA!!! It just looked so ARGH!! !!!Thanks Muchly !!!!

Jorge de Rojas said...

do you do kitty's? LOL He's fabulous!

Flora said...

Hey Jorge!!! Let me're a kitty man, huh? Thanks so much for the kind comment!!!

Arellya said...

Hi Flora, I like your work is wonderful!!!!
Hugs ,Arelly

Bigfootwallace said...

WOWZA!! Flora Dora,

Mr. Robert Brawley's smile says it all. You captured that little Frenchie so well, one wants to lean down and scratch behind his stubby wittle e-ar and tell that sweet pug face what a "peety, peety bo-ey he is". If that heartwarming squashed pug expression and soulful eyes aren't enough, his sleek and plump puggie body makes my palm itch to feel that velvet soft skin against the palm of my hand as I pick the little guy up.
Goodness gracious, Flora, all this sweet bo-ey needs to come to life is a visit to the Wizard for a heart.
I can hear his plaintive little Trick or Treat whimper, waiting for a doggie treat to fill his pumpkin. Of course, not knowing Twinkles, maybe it's a bit of a growl?!

Hats off and a sweeping bow in honor of your talent, Madame of the Clay!

Penny Grotz Streit said...

I jus wuv Twinkles! Adorable. Flora I have a blast everytime I visit your blog. Its not only informative its a lot of fun. Penny

Flora said...

Hello dear Dana and Penny!!!Thanks as always for bringing such wonderful words of encouragement, I always look forward to "hearing" them!!!

Flora said...

Welcome Arellya!!!! Thanks bunches for your kind comment, I hope you cont. to visit as I enjoy company!!!

Bigfootwallace said...


I forgot to mention..........

"ever the white rabbit"

Hahahahahahaha LOL. I loved that line!


post scriptum
Dare I add a gentle nudger? The last I heard of Red was a mention of locks of hair....Is that lovely and blanched face of hers forlornly pining for more than a bald head?

Flora said...

Dana, I hear calling to me often, I did add more to her I think it's
a big case of Artists Block???!!!
I just have to focus!!! Thanks for the reminder !!!!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Amazing!! I think he looks perfect!

Flora said...

Hello long time no see,Thanks bunches Cathy!!!

Melissa Valeriote said...

Oh FLora Twinkles is adorable! Robert has the most amazing collection dog art and I think yours is the cutest version.

Flora said...

Welcome, Melissa!!!, Thanks so much for the visit and for the kind comment about Twinkle,I'm so flattered you think so and as long as Robert liked it, I am very happy about that.

Myko said...

Oh My!! Is he the cutest pup ever!!! You did a fantastic job!:)

Flora said...

Hello and Welcome Myko!!!! So kind of you to come and visit with me!!!
Thank so much for the sweet comment