Saturday, January 26, 2008


I was "tagged" by Lily of French and Country Chic Gallery, now I'm supposed to tell 5 little somethings about myself that no one knows? This could be fun, now let me see what can I tell.....

1)I love to see some scarey movies, but I always close my eyes when the scarey stuff starts. More like as soon as the scarey music starts!

2)I'm the oldest of 7 siblings, big families are very popular in my culture.

3)I don't know how to drive a stick shift, always wanted to and ruined my only vehicle at the time...ouch!

4)Love, Love, Love " Dune " series by Brian Herbert!!!..I could literally see the characters before me, as I read the book! They were my intro into sci-fi.

5)Always wanted to get my palm read but was too afraid to " find out what was in store for me"

Okay now I have to tag some lucky friends,who will I tag? Oh, I know, I know!
I tag:

1) Ayala -

2) Annette -

3) Blondie -

4) Deb -

5) Sherrie -

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