Saturday, January 26, 2008

Twice Tagged

Looks like the "taggers" have been busy this day! I just got tagged again by Sue of Rabbit Hollow Prims , well what can I say?...

1) I love rain! The sound it makes when it starts it's pings against my home, to the cracking thunder as it lights the sky!...just don't want to get wet!

2) I LOVE all Asian foods, ...I could eat it everyday! Trouble is every 30 min. I'm hungry again....hahaha!

3) My children are all around eight years apart....I knew I wanted more than one, but not too close together....

4) I'm older than my husband, ...but only by a few months.

5) I don't like to say too much about myself......Just enough to keep 'em guessing.

Ok so here are the next taggies

1) Whobyfire -
2) Greenie -
3) Sharon -
4) Steph -
5) Jodi -

1 comment:

Nanny Norton Prims said...

Well I am not sure how to play tag, but I certainly will try.
I love old things, photos, houses,books, anything really.
I love to paint of course, I am very messy, I talk a lot whether anyone is listening or not does not matter. I believe in ghosts and I will never have enough time.
Now I am off to tag some folks.